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Hitman 2 : Silent Assassin


Duel SMG

Only having either the silenced or normal SMG can get rather annoying, since you need one or the other for certain situations. There is a way though, to have both of the Sub Machine Guns. First, you must complete a level with the SMG in it (SMG is first seen in Japan), and go back to your garden shed. From there, go to the tool shed, grab your weapons, and make sure to include the SMG gun and the Katana (Sword). On the next level, if the silenced SMG is in it, then you are in luck. Never actually use any of the 2 handed un-concealable weapons until you find the silenced SMG. When you find it, pick it up. The weapon in your hands (Even though the sword is awesome, the SMG with silencer can get you out of most binds) will fall to the ground, and the new SMG will go in it.

Tada! Now you have an SMG in your hands, and an SMG in your inventory!

Fast kills

When playing in any level, just run or sneak up to an enemy and fight him with your fists. He will soon be out cold. Once he is, use any gun to shoot him anywhere on his body. He will not get back up.

Get sawn off shotgun

Complete any two missions with the Silent Assassin rank.

Equips Stealth Weapons

Right, Left, Up, Down, A, Up, Right, Right.

Ambush the Temple: Easy Silent Assassin rank

Start the level by running into the city and move in a general direction to the left until you reach a building. On your map, this is the bottom right building with a silver icon. Go in there and a man will talk to you. After that, walk up behind him (there is no need to sneak), and use some Anesthetic on him. Take his clothes then get out of the building. Then, go to your map. Note: This is very hard to describe in detail because the position of the agent is different each time. Look for the small red weapon pick-up icon. Go in, and a man sitting at a chair will fire two shots in the air, but no one will be alerted. After the intermission sequence, look at your map and find the yellow icon that is stationary (another one will be moving). The stationary icon will be somewhere in one of the two main plaza areas. Wherever the stationary icon is, go into the storage thing under it, and go up the stairs. Sneak up on the man at the window and Fiber Wire him. Take his Sniper Rifle, and take out the other yellow icon. Then, take pictures of the two dead men. Take the pictures back to the agent, and follow your map to the exit.

Explosive Bullets (and Slow-Mo Deaths)

Right, Left, Up, Down, A, Up, Left.

All Weapons

Right, Left, Up, Down, A, Up, B, A.

More ammunition

If you are near a stack of ammunition but are notified by the game that you cannot pick it up, use the following trick to get almost twice as much normal ammunition. For example, if you have a shotgun with full ammunition and are next to a pile of shotgun ammunition, fire one shot, reload, then pick up the ammunition. You will now have almost double the ammunition.

Pick locks quicker

Pick a lock, look at your map, and exit. The lock will be picked.

Full Health

Right, Left, Up, Down, A, Up, Down.

God Mode

Right, Left, Up, Down, A, Right, Left, Right, Left.


When at your home area with the shed of guns, you may shoot down the birds either on the ground or while they fly in the air. Each bird that is shot will fall to its corresponding area and remain there until you leave the level. You can also shoot the pigs in their pen.

Getting the .22SD pistol

The .22SD is well hidden in the castle level where you have to kill Hayamoto senior. It is one of the items that is displayed in his museum. The .22SD does not trigger metal detectors. It is useful in the Basement Killing level.

Holstered Uzi

When holding the Uzi, take out the Ballers. The Uzi will be fully holstered, like a pistol.


Successfully complete five levels with a 'Silent Assassin' rank to get the M4. Alternately, complete the Shogun Showdown level with a 'Silent Assassin' rank.

Sawed-off Shotgun

Successfully complete a level with a 'Silent Assassin' rank twice.

Using The Methoxyfluorane (anesthetic)

Equip the Anesthetic and go to your target person. Hold [Fire] as long as desired. While using it, you will automatically use two bottles, or if held longer, you can use three to five bottles. Each bottle will result in one minute of unconsciousness. Be careful or he will tell the guards about you. You can also take their clothes, but if they wake up without them they will tell the guards.

Silent Assassin Ranks

You can still get a 'Silent Assassin' rank on a mission if you are spotted. To get a 'Silent Assassin' rank, there has to be nothing in the aggression bar. You can make sure of this by only using chloroform on guards and eliminating the target with just one shot.

Silenced Ballers Gun

Successfully complete a level with a 'Silent Assassin' rank.