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Hello Kitty : Roller Rescue


Unlock Kiki

Stage 5: After smashing the 2nd lot of barrels, go through the newly opened door on your right and to the far right of the train track to rescue Kiki

Unlock Hello Kitty

Unlock Mimmy

Unlock Keroppi

Stage 2: After going over the bridge, jump over the steel blocks onto the roof. Follow 2 planks along the roofs to find Keroppi

Unlock George White

Unlock Mimmy

Unlock Badtz-Maru

Stage 14: Collect all 3 of the keys. After obtaining the blue key, go 2 rooms back and unlock the doors on your right

Unlock Margaret White (1)

Stage 1: After going through the pink door, smash all the boxes to find Margaret White behind them

Unlock Monkichi

Stage 7: At the freezer entrance turn right and smash all the boxes to the right to get to Monkichi

Cheerleader Costume B

After unlocking Cheerleader Costume A, play Messy Park again (defeating all the cheerleaders)

Unlock Lala

Stage 4: Find the yellow key from a blue block through the pink door, and open the yellow door near you to find Lala

Unlock Block Kitty

Complete Stage 14

Unlock Anthony White

Unlock Mimmy

Unlock Mimmy

Stage 4: After opening the pink door, go to the right, jump over the hedge, and pull the lever. Go back to the cup ride and defeat all enemies

Unlock Margaret White (2)

Stage 11: After finding My Melody, make your way to the center ledge on the left wall to rescue Margaret White

Unlock Kurin

Stage 10: In the large parking area, destroy the blue block before it runs through the hole in the fence to get Kurin from it

Unlock Purin

Stage 4: After opening the yellow door, go to the far right. Pull the lever when the "Help!" is positioned at the bottom of the ferris wheel

Cheerleader Costume A

Defeat all the cheerleader blocks in Messy Park (Level 5)

Unlock My Melody

Stage 11: After running from the giant ball, turn to the right and talk to My Melody

Unlock Mary White

Unlock Mimmy

Unlock Daniel

Stage 13: After opening 2 doorways, go to the left of room 3 and smash all the boxes to find Daniel behind them

Unlock Pochi

Stage 13: After pressing the button to turn the bridge around, go across and talk to Croc to the left of you

Unlock Runabouts

Stage 10: After defeating the big block, go through the new opening and straight forward until you find Runabouts

Unlock Pochacco

Stage 8: Make your way to the far right corner of the room and jump to the top of a ledge here to find Pochacco

Unlock Koroppi

Unlock Mimmy