Game Platforms

Harvest Moon : Magical Melody


Unlock Strawberries

Ship 30 Cabbages

Always Find the Stairs in the Mines

When you are in either of the mines, walk around the room. If you watch closely, one square will have edges that look different as you move. (i.e. They change color or get a little pixelated) If you use your hoe on them, you will find the stairs to go to the next level.

Notes for events

You will get a note for the following events.

Get your pedometer.

Your first shipping box shipment.

10,000 steps with your pedometer.

Make your first food.

Go to the island for the first time.

Scale Mt. Moon for the first time.

The 100th underground level.

Until dawn.

Work 10 hours non-stop in the rain.

Work 10 hours non-stop in the sun.

No controller inputs for a long time.

Do not talk to anyone all day.

Finger whistle 50 times.

Zero strength (pass out).

Meet 35 villagers.

Have 100G or less in the morning.

find more than 1000G coins.

Drink 10 sodas.

Your first baby animal birth.

Own 10 or more divisions.

Work 10 hours straight in the snow.

Cut the grass 20 times.

Groom livestock 20 times.

10 eggs shipped.

10 milk units shipped

More money

Make sure the only thing you have in your rucksack is a hammer. Go to Moonlight Cave (near the doctor's office). You will notice a hole in the ground somewhere. Go to it, and a message will appear asking if you would like to go in. Select "Yes". You will be at sub-level 2. You should see some bluish crystals and some black stones. Hit all of the crystals with X. If you find some gold, keep it. If you find some rare ore or stones, keep them. Fill your rucksack, then go to the stairs and exit the cave. Put all your finds into the Shipping Box. This trick works better with Lake Cave and if you only take rare ores and stones from there. Note: You will get low on energy and must find a way to restore it.

Easy 10,000 Step Note

Go into your house and set your character against a wall. Keep the Analog-stick held so that your character walks against that wall. If you are facing the top wall, set up the Analog-stick so that it stays in the up position. This will take some time, but you can get rid of the pedometer at the beginning of the game.

Better milk:

To get better milk, do not put the fodder in the bin; feed it directly to them. Make sure that you milk your cows after you talk, and brush them, for a higher chance of special milk. Also, let them graze in the fields as often as possible.

Easy 50 Finger Whistle Note

Go into your house and press R(50). It does not matter if your animal is near you or not.