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Walkthrough :


Main Goal : Get the first scroll from Dr. Byron.

Q : Who has the first scroll ?

A : Ask your vampire ally (at 13) about the scroll, choose the appropriate attitude until he told you to find Dr. Byron and promise to meet you again later (this is very important !!!). Go to the park (at 30). Open the yellow door (this is the back door to Antique Brooker at 31) and enter the shop. Use the laptop and read all the incoming E-mail, especially the one with Dr. Byron name. He has the first scroll. Go to his house (at 38).

Q : Where Dr. Byron hides the scroll ?

A : Talk with a kind attitude (number 4) with him until he ask you to co-operate with him in finding the scrolls. Accept his offer with a kind attitude. When he's gone, look over his desk and take the blue print and note about the scroll. Check out his bookcase and read the green book next to the yellow one : 'The Key to Greater Knowledge'. At the end of the pages, you'll see a gold key. Take it. Enter his living room. Examine the fireplace. Retrieve the note from someone who threaten Dr. Bryon to give him/her the scroll. Examine the picture above the fireplace. Move it to reveal a safe. Unlock the safe with the key. Open the safe and voila .... the first scroll.


Main Goal : Get the second scroll from Sebastian

Q : Where is the second scroll ?

A : An E-mail from the laptop in Antique Brooker (at 31), a letter in the Bane International warehouse (at 11), and a bum in the alley (at 10) hold the vital information to gain it.

Q : What should I do in the Antique Brooker ?

A : Read the E-mail in the laptop about the package to Bane International. Open the drawer and take the receipt for receiving the package. Talk to the manager of the Brooker. Show him the scroll or the note about the scroll from Dr. Byron's house. He admit that he has one in his collection at Bane International warehouse.

Q : What should I do in the warehouse (at 11) ?

A : Enter through the window. Talk to Robert with a kind or friendship attitude. Show him the receipt when he asks for it. He will get up and take the package from his office. Suddenly he screams and curses someone with the name of Sebastian about the package. Enter the office. Take the letter on the desk and read it. Damn Sebastian has been runaway with the package.

Q : Where can I find Sebastian ?

A : A drunk bum in the alley may know something about him if you gave him the right bribe.

Q : Where can I find a bottle of liquor for the bum ?

A : You can get the liquor inside Dr. Bryan's house (at 38), on the table. Bring this to the bum and he'll tell you about the mysterious Dark Angel in the church (at 6). Go there and meet Sebastian in front of the altar. He has been beaten up by 'Dark Angel'. Talk with him and take the second scroll.


Main Goal : Get the third scroll from another vampire

Q : Where is the third scroll ?

A : A female vampire know something about it. Find her at 33. Talk kindly with her. She promises to meet you in Strand hotel in room 13 (at 18). Hmmmm..... nice room number. Go there and again talk kindly or friendly with her. She'll ask you to meet her clan in the catacomb near the river.

Q : What should I do in the catacomb ?

A : Go to the catacomb (at 17). Look up at its number : 13. Wow, what a coinsidence. Enter the catacomb and go straight ahead to the back cave. Talk to the wounded vampire. Answer : No (angry or apathy) for the first question, Yes (kind) for the second, and promise to help him (kind). He'll give you the third scroll.


Main Goal : Get the fourth scroll from the ghost

Q : Who hold the fourth scroll ?

A : A ghost (at 4) will tell you the story of her hidden crypt for you. Inside this crypt you'll find the fourth scroll. A juggler hold the important key for this crypt.

Q : What is the complete story of the crypt ?

A : You have to talk with this female spirit in 3 different places to understand the complete story of the crypt. Find her at 4, between 39/40 and 19, and at 8 (she'll give you a wooden cross here). Sometime after this, you'll meet your vampire ally, he'll help you on this case if you tell him that you trust him. He told you not to believe anyone except the witch and someone who doesn't speak.

Q : Where can I find someone who doesn't speak ?

A : Remember the mime (the juggler at 26) ??!!. He's the one you need.

Q : What should I do with the juggler (at 26) ?

A : Give her a coin for her show, of course. You can get this coin by killing a robber at 39 (you'll find 2 credits and a coin from his dead body). Keep on talking to the juggler until she ask for some money. Put the coin inside her tin cup. In return, she (ouch .. she's a vampire too !!!) will give you a parchment. Take it.

Q : What should I do with the parchment ?

A : Bring it to the crypt (at 5). Enter the crypt and use the parchment with the symbol on the wall. It will open a secret compartment. Inside this compartment, you'll find the fourth scroll.


Main Goal : Meet Gareth, the Gothos' vampire leader

Q : How can I enter the club ?

A : Pay the entry ticket. You can get some money to pay it by killing the robber near Dr. Byron's house (at 37). He got 10 credits and a match. Give the 10 credit to the woman in front of the entrance.

Q : Should I help initiate the bouncer ?

A : The choice is yours. There is no penalty for your action. You can help him, ignore him, or cheat him (promise to help, but at the outside of the bar refuse to help him).

Q : What should I do with Det. Thomas Grant, the homicide officer ?

A : Offer him your help on the case. Talk friendly to him.

Q : Where is Gareth ?

A : Ask the bartender for him. He is sitting on the couch in front of the bar. Talk to him and accept his offer.

SPECIAL NOTE : If you killed the tourist at 14, you'll meet the husband in this club when a guest at the back seat leave through the backdoor (do this talking with the guest before you take the third scroll).


Main Goal : Destroy the deceiver once and for all

Q : What can I do now, should I go directly to the catacomb ?

A : No, not yet. You must find all the information about killing a vampire first. If you just go straight to the catacomb and enter the inner chamber, you'll be killed without enough time to defend yourself.

Q : Where can I get this information ?

A : An artist, a palm reader, and a witch will give you all the knowledge you need.

Q : Where can I find the artist ?

A : Find him in the art gallery (at 40).

Q : Where can I get the invitation for the gallery (at 40) ?

A : Find an opportunist woman in the museum. Talk with her with a friendly attitude. Accept her offer to meet at the Black Cat cafe (at 32). Go there and speak to her with friendly attitude until she gives you an invitation to the gallery. Take it before she goes and visit the art gallery. Talk to the guard with friendly attitude. When she ask you to show the invitation, do it. Enter the gallery. You'll meet an artist inside. Talk with him in angry attitude until he ask you to be the object of his next exhibition. Choose this attitude for the conversation : 4 2 3 2 3 (he'll tell you about the power of FEAR).

Q : What should I do with the cross ?

A : Bring it to Zandora's psychic cafe (at 34). Pay 1 credit for the cappucino. Put the cross in her palm. Watch her being possessed by the spirit. She'll tell you about the power of the cross and the scroll.

Q : What should I do in the Merlin occult shop (at 29) ?

A : Talk kindly to Merlin, the witch, at the counter. Point at the 5 objects on the counter to learn about the vampire and read the book on the counter.

Q : What should I do with the scrolls ?

A : You can do 4 things with it. You can either give it to Dr. Byron in his house (at 38), Gareth at the House of Pain (at 36), or the freak man at 22. If you do that you'll be destroyed because they are the deceivers. But if you bring the scrolls to the catacomb and face the ceremony. You'll be the hero of the day.

Q : What should I do to the symbol on the wall inside the catacomb ?

A : That is a sliding puzzle. Arrange it to resemble the symbol at the crypt (the fourth scroll). It will open the door to the inner chamber.

Q : What should I do with the deceiver ?

A : Talk to him and .... no !!! Don't give him the scrolls, but give him the cross !!! That's it, you're the hero.

SPECIAL NOTE : This is not essential to win the game, just for fun.

Q : What should I do in the Marquee cinema ?

A : Pay 1 credit for the ticket. Get in and talk to the woman on the seat. Choose normal mode at the first 4 sentence then finish the conversation with kind attitude. She'll introduce herself as Candy Floss.

Q : What about the hooker (at 3) and the drug dealer (at 9) ?

A : You can kill her for money and several interesting things. As for the drug dealer : if you want to get high on dope, pay him 10 credits for some dope. You'll be high !! Just keep on walking to the north and you'll get up in a real world.