Game Platforms

Getaway, The

PlayStation 2

Unlimited ammo and no reload

During the FMV sequence that plays before the main menu appears, press UP, Down, Left, Right,Triangle, Up, Down, Left, Right, Square. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of a woman groaning. Repeat the code to disable it's effect.

DC Carter moves

Knock out hostage: With a gun, press X to get a hostage then press Square.

Kick hostage: While unarmed, X to get a hostage then press Square.

Mark Hammond moves

Shoot hostage: With a gun, press X to get a hostage, then press Square.

Break hostage's neck: While unarmed, press X to get a hostage, then press Square.

Health Recovery

When you have been shot, and you badly need health walk up to a wall (any) and stand next to it close. Mark Hammond/DC Carter will then lean up against it. It may take a few seconds but wait till your character gets off, and he will have a full recovery of health.

Turn Signals in Free Roam

In free roam mode, for added realism you can use your indicators (turn signals). Press L1 to indicate right and L2 to indicate left.

Kill Enemys Easily

Shoot a gas tank when an enemy is nearby to easily kill them.

Mark Hammond's Mother

Press L2 L1 L2 L3 and you should hear a woman scream then your character will automatically change.

Turn signals

In free roam mode, for added realism you can use your indicators (turn signals). Press L1 to indicate right and L2 to indicate left.

DC Carter: Land Of Hope And Glory mission

When you are escaping the Sol Vita and come down the stairs at the start, on the left hand side there is an explosion which brings down a staircase blocking your way through. However, first kill the men in front of you, then the man on the walkway above the wreckage. Then, instead of having to go through the package room, where you fight Harry for Hammond, go up to the wreckage. There will be a part where the floorway meets the hand rails. If you roll in the correct location, Carter will roll straight through the wreckage, avoiding the package room area and saving time and health.

Hidden vehicles

You can find some hidden vehicles in the parks of London, such as a sooty van (Little Suzuki van with grass in the back) and a very fun golf cart parked behind huts and bushes around the parks.

Select Free Roam mode once it is unlocked and make your way onto Oxford Street from the start point. Head west past the marble arch and onto Bayswater Road (use the map supplied with the game for road names). Follow Bayswater Road westward as far as the game will allow you to go, then turn left at the blockade onto the Hyde Park Inner Road. The Hyde Park Inner Road U-bends back around to travel through the center of Hyde Park at this point. At the back of this U-bend is an open gate. Go through it, and parked outside a mansion is a Nissan Skyline GTR and a TVR. In the garage opposite the mansion is a Lotus and a go-cart.

To get the Saab 9X concept car and a Triad Gang Car (souped-up Honda) in Free Roam mode, in the mission where Carter infiltrates Jolson's warehouse, go to Chinatown (located in Soho). Go down into the underground garage (the same car park where the Triads and Yardies have a gang war). The position of the cars varies on each floor.

To find a Tank in Free Roam mode, travel east along Birdcage Walk (near Buckingham Palace). There are some open gates on your right about half way along (just after the big white building on the same side). There is a small one-man tank on a plinth just inside the gates. You can shoot from the turret by pressing L3 (horn). It catches cars and people on fire.

To find a Lotus Esprit in Free Roam mode, drive west along Marylebone Road (above where it says Marylebone in red letters on the map). About half way along you will see a green dome on your right. Just after this is a small road on your right, which runs parallel to this road (it has Burger King and Vodafone shops on it). At the end of this small road is a subway entrance. Behind and to the right of this there is an alley next to the HSBC bank. The car is in this alley.

Another Nissan Skyline can be found in an alley behind some boxes in Bermondsey Street, near the Tower Bridge.

To find a Mk II (the car that you start in when you enter Free Roaming mode), can be found in the left hand side of a car park in St. Thomas Street, near the Tower Bridge.

In the "Speakers Corner" of Hyde Park (the corner closest to the Marble Arch) a Golf Cart can be found behind some bushes in an open grassy area. In car park of the building nearby is a Royal Parks gardeners pickup van, with grass and plant cuttings in the back.

To get a modified Peugeot 306, drive west along Horseferry Road (near the Lambeth Bridge). You will see a blue colored alley blocked off with some boxes on your right. Follow the alley and go down into the abandoned multi-story car park. At the bottom is a boy racer Peugeot 306 behind a large container. It has a bodykit, neon lights and a huge sound system in the back.

To get a Ford Transit, find one of the jumps around the city (for example, St. James's Street, near Green Park). There are Ford Transit vans parked in front of them.

Double Health

At the title screen Press Up(2x), Left(2x), Right(2x), Circle(2x), Down at the title screen.

Free Roam mode

Successfully complete all standard missions to unlock the "Free Roam" option.

Kelvin Deamer mode

Successfully complete the game to unlock free roaming mode. Then, go to the golf cart that you will find in one of the parks. Press Up, Down, Triangle, Down, Triangle, Left, Right, Circle, to be transformed into a character known as Kelvin Deamer.

Double health

Press Up(2), Left(2), Right(2), Circle(2), Down at the title screen. The sound of a woman groaning will confirm correct code entry.

Skip intermission sequences

Press R3 to skip some intermission sequences. Note: Not all sequences can be skipped.

Armored car weapon

Press Up, Down, Left, Right, Square, Triangle, Circle at the title screen. The sound of a woman groaning will confirm correct code entry. Note: The weapon can only be used during missions.

Auto Aim Hint

When in Stealth mode (Back up against a wall or object), hold down R1, R2 & L1 when moving out into a shooting position to auto aim at a target (if any are available). This can also be used if you have a clear sight of a target.

Regain health

Lean against wall and wait or get in car and drive off.

Secret Car: Lotus Espirit

On Marylebone road to the east of Bakerstreet. From your start point turn around, drive until the end of the road and go right. follow the road until you get to park crescent turn left and drive until you see Madame tusaudes (big green dome) on your right its a bit further than that, when you see Hsbc bank on the right stop! its in a little alley right next to it.

Secret Car: Tank

On birdcage walk south of St James's park. In free roam mode from where you start do a 180 turn and drive until the end of that road, take a left then a right then a left and a right. you should be faceing wellintons monument on Hyde park corner take the first left and follow it until you see Buckingham palace on your right. cut across the black posts and take a left you should now be on birdcage walk, the tank is on your right hidden behind a fence if you dont se it the first time turn around and go back the same way.