Game Platforms

Ganbare Goeman 5

Nintendo 64

Cheat :

Unlimited items or gold:

Find a location that contains multiple items or gold, such as the first room in Oedo Castle. Collect the items, leave the room, then re-enter. The items will be available for recollection.

Boss mode:

Collect all forty-five Fortune Dolls to unlock a boss mode selection on the options screen.

Bonus picture:

Enable the "Boss mode" code, and complete the Boss sequence.

Control Impact:

Press the Analog-stick when Impact's introduction sequence ends to move his head.

Rumble Pak bonus:

Although not an official Rumble Pak game, the Boss levels will support that peripheral.

Hint :

Hint: Slower falls:

Rapidly execute the Ice Attack or Coin toss while falling.

Hint: Avoid attacks:

Change characters just before an opponent attacks.

Hint: Quick fall recovery:

Perform an attack exactly when hitting the ground after falling from a large height. This will allow Goeman to move immediately, instead of being stunned.

Hint: Avoid bullets:

Push C-Down to have bullets pass through your character.

Hint: Fighting Benkei:

Fight Benkei as Ebisumaru to throw the Achilles' Heel at him faster. During the battle, Benkei will threaten to blast you far away. This is a lie; he will knock you into the river next to the bridge where he is standing. There is a ladder available to return to your previous location.

Glitch: Small Goemon:

If Goeman uses a transporter while small, it will leave without him.