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Quick money

If you breed an Orange Gold Shark with a Canary Flashfish, you also get the Canary Fire-Arrow. And if you breed a Canary Fruitfish with Canary Fire-Arrow, it will also produce more Fire arrows. You can breed these two both ways.

Easy Money

Put all fish at 800$+ and people will buy them. Then buy 5 fish eggs and hatch them but also buy 6 drops of fish hormones. Then when our sale tank is full keep the in tank 1 and u will keep getting 800$+.Trust me i did this and i made 100k

Magic Fish combinations

Combine the indicated fish to get the corresponding Magic Fish.

Canary Fire-Arrow (Golden Guppy of Isola)

Crimson Comet + Fanned Fatfish

Golden Snooper + Canary Fatfish

Orange Snooper + Hornet Flashfish

Tiger Stickfish + Speckled Arrowfish

Orange Fruitfish + Canary Fire-Arrow

Snubbed Fruitfish + Oriental Fire Arrow

Crimson Comet (Magical Fish of Curing)

Speckled Stickfish + Orange Goldbulb

Oriental Fruitfish + Speckled Carp

Speckled Stickfish + Oriental Goldbulb

Orange Fatfish + Speckled Leaffish

Crimson Leaffish + Crimson Fruitfish

Pink Beta + Flagged Gold Shark

Greenfin Leaffish + Hornet Flashfish

Twin-Fin Beta + Wasp Goldshark

Twin-Fin Pigmy + Wasp Goldshark

Oriental Goldbulb + Speckled Grouper

Greenfin Spotanus (Magical Fish of Fertility)

Twin-Fin Spotanus + Spined Spotanus

Orange Snooper (Magical Fish of Health)

Fanned Stickfish + Stubby Fruitfish

Golden Arrowfish + Canary Fruitfish

Orange Fruitfish + Orange Snout

Oriental Fire-Arrow

Hornet Goldbulb + Greenfin Snooper

Oriental Goldbulb (Magical Fish of Growth)

Crimson Comet + Orange Goldbulb

Spined Leaffish + Wasp Gold Shark

Speckled Leaffish + Snubbed Fire-Arrow

Golden Goldbulb + Orange Goldbulb

Speckled Leaffish + Pink Goldshark

Greenfin Leaffish + Fanned Fire-Arrow

Flagged Leaffish + Tiger Goldshark

Crimson Grouper + Canary Fire-Arrow

Spined Grouper + Canary Fire-Arrow

Canary Goldshark + Spined Carp

Snubbed Fruitfish

Canary Goldshark + Pink Goldbulb

Wasp Fire-Arrow + Pink Flashfish

Speckled Leaffish (Magical Fish of Sustenance)

Stubby Pigmy + Greenfin Comet

Orange Stickfish + Twin-Fin Beta

Orange Spotanus + Twin-Fin Fruitfish

Crimson Comet + Flagged Bananafish

Oriental Goldbulb + Finless Quicksilver

Spined Fruitfish + greenfin Spotanus

Orange Grouper + Twin-Fin Beta

Wasp Grouper (Magical Fish of Mutation)

Oriental Goldbulb + Pink Pigmy

Orange Beta + Pink Comet

Oriental Goldbulb + Pink Beta