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Fire Emblem : Rekka no Ken

Game Boy Advance

Quick Paladin

In Lyn's story in hard mode, you can get a Paladin. Because you do not have to class-up Wallace, train either Sain or Kent until they are level 20. The easiest way to do this is to take your time on Lundgren. Make sure he does not die until you reach those levels -- let him heal for a few turns in between attacks. When your Cavalier reaches level 20, use the Knight's Crest on him. Then when you go into Eliwood's or Hector's story and meet up with Lyn, you will have a Paladin who is much better than Marcus.

Purchasing supplies

On the same side quest where you get Karla, check out the shops. Any and every weapon is available. If you have Jaffer, you might want to get a few Killing Edges and any type of Weapon Triangle Reverse Weapon as well as Killer Axes, Lances, and Swords. There are also Silver Weapons. It is recommended that before you go in, that you take four of your soldiers who can use different weapons and trade their items away. Units on horseback are desirable. Then, take a total of how many and what kind of Lances, Swords, Axes, and Bows you need. Next, take the four soldiers that can purchase these weapons and have them stock themselves with the number of weapons needed. Before the next Chapter, trade all the weapons back, then trade the ones you purchased away. You do not need to worry about money, as Hector withdraws a a lot of money from the treasury before the mission.

Florina: Strong fighter

At first Florina is not the best fighter, especially since most of the enemies have axes. However in the chapter when you receive Dorcas, take advantage of the swordsman that keep appearing in the northeast where Lyn meets Dorcas. Put Florina in one of the trees and get Lyn and Dorcas out of the way so that they will only attack her. You should get her up by at least one level by the end of the turn. Then, have her attack the swordsman in the next chapter. You can also use Florina to finish off Bosses that have been weakened by strong warriors such as Kent, Lyn, and Dorcas, and she will gain a massive amount of experience points. By doing this, when it comes to Eliwood's adventure she will not be useless and use the first Elyspian Whip you get for her, and she will be a strong FalcoKnight.

Building your party

You never know who you can get to join your party. Always try talking to important people, such as Bosses and people who you have seen before. This does not put you in danger. Once you go up to someone, the "Talk" option may appear. If it does not appear, press B to move your character somewhere else, or you can just select the "Talk" command. There are many more characters that can join your party than you may think.

Thorre's Litany

Get Florina to a high level. Use the Elaysian Whip in Chapter 20 to level her up. The Elaysian Whip is in the northeast village. Get the Spear from the Boss in Chapter 21. Equip Florina with it. In Chapter 22, fly Florina over to the lower pair oif bones. Put her on top of the one on the left. When she attacked the hammer-wielding bandit, it will not kill him, but Florina will find a ring called Thorre's Litany. It raises attack power.


Whenever a character dies, they will usually say the name of a character. That character is usually someone who you can support with. This is useful before Nils does Auguries.

Triangle attack

To use this powerful attack you will need Florina, Fiora, and Farina. First, put two of the Pegasuses or Falco Knights next to the enemy and do not attack. Then, have the third attack. This is very powerful and it never misses.

Earth Crest

In the mission just before you can get Neo and Jaffar, where Wallace shows up, in the first village an old man will talk with you. When you are finished, he will give you an Earth Crest. This crest will allow you to upgrade any character higher than level 10. It is useful, but it is recommended that you go in with an a strong flyer such as Heath the wyvren rider. You must contend with an archer that has a silver bow. In the other village, you will get a Silence Staff to help you fight the Queen Of The 4 Fangs.

Bonus items

This requires a link cable, Gamecube, and the Mario Kart Double Dash Bonus Disc. You can receive the following items by connecting your Game Boy Advance to the bonus disc: Dragon Axe, Silver Card, Wind Sword, Energy Ring, Emblem Seal, Dragon Shield, Emblem Blade, Body Ring, Emblem Axe, Thor's Ire, Angelic Robe, Emblem Lance, Secret Book, Emblem Bow, and Goddess Icon. You will also receive two additions to the sound room: #99 Legend Of the Dragon God and #100 Royal Palace of Silezha.

Ocean Seal

In the mission where you get Hawkeye, you can obtain a very unique item found nowhere else in the game called an Ocean Seal, which can be used to upgrade pirates, (DART) making them a Berserker like Hawkeye. The item is buried in the sand at the last row of spaces near Hawkeye's entrance. Get a Thief to stand on top of the right space to get it.

Special ending

You can access a special ending at the end of Hector's story. First, get Farina to join you in Chapter 25, and then get Hector to and her to a "A" Support Level. At the end (when Hector is talking to you before you leave) Farina will come in during the conversation.

Defeating the Fire Dragon

Stay out of the Fire Dragon's range. It has a range of three spaces, the same as a longbow. Hopefully you had the foresight to transform your other lords into their respective second class character. (Lyn - Blade Lord and Hector - Great Lord). Lyn's Sol Katti, given to her by Athos, was fashioned for dealing with Wyverns; therefore, it can actually deal some damage to the dragon. If you happen to have Thor's Ire (Nils can use it to raise critical levels), then use it on Lyn. Her critical percentage will be raised and you might get lucky enough to see an incredible show. All of this relies on the fact that you can keep her alive -- HP in the 40's is best). Keep Eliwood a few paces away from Lyn in order to rescue her once she has completed her attack on the dragon. The Elixirs you have will be useful for keeping her alive. Also, a Druid/Sage/Bishop with Heal/Mend can also aid you. Keep attacking/rescuing/healing with Lyn until the dragon dies. This may take some time, but it keeps your company alive. Also, if Lyn is not a Blade Lord, try using Hector's Armads, if he is a Great Lord; do not use Eliwood -- the Durandal may seem like a good idea but for some reason the dragon can attack twice if you use it. Also, you will need him or Marcus to rescue the attacker.

Control enemy units

Place a mine anywhere on the field. When an enemy unit walks onto it, and while they are taking damage, reset the game. When you continue the game, it will shows the enemy being damaged again. You can then control your enemy units. Use this to your advantage by making them discard all of their items, retreat, or attack units that you want to level up. Note: Enemy units can only be controlled for one turn.

Random sound test

After unlocking the "Sound Test" option, choose it then press Select. A random music track will begin. Press Left or Right to cycle through the songs. Press B or Select to return to the normal sound test.


In Ch.13(13), have a unit visit the village in the top left corner to unlock 13x. Protect Merlinus in 13x and he'll be unlocked

View picture gallery

Go to the sound test once you have unlocked it, then press R. The screen for selecting songs will disappear. Every time you press A, the picture will change-It should have all of the the still pictures of events that you have gotten, with several more in addition. Press B or Start to exit.

Fire Emblem Unlockables

Many of these things can be unlocked by beating the game. Otherwise, it is as described.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Battle History (view ratings for complete games)Beat Eliwood's Tale once.
Eliwood's Tale, Hard ModeBeat Eliwood's Tale once.
Hector's Tale (more chapters/enemies)Beat Eliwood's Tale once.
Hector's Tale, Hard ModeBeat Hector's Tale once.
Lyn's Tale, Hard Mode (no tutorial)Beat Eliwood's Tale once.
Support Conversation (read unlocked supports)Beat Eliwood's Tale once.

Completion bonuses

Successfully complete the game to the hard difficulty setting, Hector mode, Lyn mode, the "Sound Test", "Movie Gallery", and "Battle History", and "Support Conversation" options.

Successfully complete the game in Hector's normal mode to unlock Hector's hard mode.


Unlockable Characters...

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Canas Chapter 16x or 17xVisit the village
Erk Chapter 14Have Serra talk to him
Farina Hector's side Chapter 25Pay her 20,000 dollars when she flies to you
Fiora Chapter 18Have Florina speak to her.
Geitz Chapter 23 or 24Have your 3 lords levels combined to level 50 or higher and have Dart talk to him
Guy Chapter 13Have Matthew talk to him
Hawkeye Chapter 22 or 23Have your main lord talk to him
Heath Chapter 21 or 22Have Eliwood or Hector talk to him
Jaffar Chapter 26x or 28xHave Nino talk to him in Chapter 26 or 28
Legault Chapter 19 or 20Have one of your lords talk to him
Luicis Chapter 16 or 17Have Raven talk to him
Merlinus Chapter 13xVisit the village in the northwest in Chapter 13
Nino Chapter 26 or 28Have Lyn talk to her
Priscilla Chapter 14Visit the village in the southwest
Rath Chapter 21 or 22Have Lyn talk to him
Raven Chapter 16 or 17Have Priscilla talk to him
Renault Chapter 28 or 30Visit the village in the northwest
Vaida Chapter 27 or 29Have Eliwood or Hector talk to Vaida
Wallace Chapter 23 or 24Have Lyn,Kent,Sain, or Florina talk to him

Know the future in battle without paying

When you first start the battle in "Preparations", go to "Fortune" and select "Augury". Pay the 50 gold. After listening to what she says, cut it off and select "Restart Chapter". When you play, you should have the same amount of gold.

Gaiden Stages

Unlocking each gaiden stage, or side quest, must be done in the chapter of the same number (i.e. Lyn's chapter 7 gaiden must be unlocked by meeting the listed requirements in chapter 7). The only exception to this is Hector's gaiden 19xx, which has an additional requirement.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Eliwood Chapter 13xVisit the village in the top left-hand side of the map.
Eliwood Chapter 16xKeep at least one of the NPC soldiers alive.
Eliwood Chapter 18xFinish chapter 18 in 15 turns or less.
Eliwood Chapter 22xRecruit Hawkeyes and gain 700XP or more with your entire party. Each member's XP gain contributes to this total.
Eliwood Chapter 26xRecruit Nino and have her Talk with Jaffar.
Eliwood Chapter 29xNo special requirements.
Hector Chapter 13xVisit the village in the top left-hand side of the map.
Hector Chapter 17xKeep at least one of the NPC soldiers alive.
Hector Chapter 19xFinish chapter 19 in 15 turns or less.
Hector Chapter 19xxBefore chapter 11, train Nils to at least level 7 and kill the magic barrier in chapter 19x.
Hector Chapter 23xRecruit Hawkeyes and gain 700XP or more with your entire party. Each member's XP gain contributes to this total.
Hector Chapter 28xRecruit Nino and have her Talk with Jaffar.
Hector Chapter 31xNo special requirements.
Hector Chapter 32xFinish chapter 32 in 20 turns or less.
Lyn Chapter 7xFinish chapter 7 in 15 turns or less.


Unlockable Secret promotion Items...

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Fell ContractDefeat Sonja or steal from Sonja in Chapter 26x
Guiding RingIn Ch.22(23), have a Thief STEAL it from Jasmine.
Guiding RingIn Ch.27(29), have a Thief STEAL it from one of the Snipers on the wetern side of the temple.
Hero CrestIn Ch.20(21) have a Theif STEAL it from Oleg.
Hero CrestIn Ch.22(23), send a unit w/high luck to the area left of the top-left most skeleton.
Knight CrestIn Ch.24(26), have a Thief STEAL it from the southern-most Cavalier.
Ocean SealFound in Chapter 22 by moving a thief onto the bottom right corner of the map.

An Eclipse Of Time level

Train Nils to level 10 or higher on Lyn's quest. You will unlock a new level on Eliwood's quest. On Dread Isle, complete it under twenty turns to get Prisoner Of Magic. On this level, there will be two Bosses, a Sage, and a Magic Seal. The Magic Seal disables magic in its area (including the other Boss). Kill the Sage then the Morph around the Magic Seal. Kill the Magic Seal with strong characters like Bartre, Dart, and Marcus. If you do not kill him once you attack him, he will teleport away -- make sure he is dead. Complete the level. A new level (An Eclipse Of Time) will be unlocked. This will not work if Nils was not level 10 or higher.

Extra characters

Your enemy works for a house or organization. It will say the name of the characters or the group they are working for. if it shows a face instead of a symbol you can almost always get that unit with green units.

Get to secret shops

You must steal the Member Card in the chapter with Darin as the Boss. Have some of your units to go right, including Matthew. At the staircase by the crack in the wall, a thief will appear. You can steal the Member Card from him.