Game Platforms

FIFA Soccer '97


Moving shadows:

Enter the instant replay sequence during game play, then hold L1 and press the D-pad.

Instant replay zoom:

Enter the instant replay sequence during game play, then hold R1 and press the D-pad to change the magnification of the replay.

Hidden audio:

Insert the game disc into an audio CD player. Play track six to hear singing by John Motson, a member of the EA development team.

Play as the Same Character

While playing press start and go to Team management option and go to substitution menu. Pick the character you want to double or triple. After you pick him, put him at the Bench. Press ok button. Then unpause the game and wait for the substitution.

After the substitution is complete, go to the substitution menu again, replace ONE character with your chosen character press cancel, then go to the substitution again. This time you'll see that your chosen character still remains on the bench. Choose another character and replace with your chosen character. You can do this over and over. After you finish changing character, unpause the game, and see the substitution!

EA players:

Select a friendly match, choose the USA league, and play as Dallas or New York to find members of the EA development team.