Game Platforms

F/A-18 Hornet 3.0


Cheat :

Aircraft select:

Hold [Option] and select "Tour Of Duty" from the "Missions" menu. A prompt with two fields for mission number and aircraft will appear. Enter one of the following case-sensitive aircraft codes to use that aircraft in the corresponding mission. Note: In order for this cheat to work, the selected mission must already contain the aircraft that is chosen. Alternatively, type fly:- as a call sign. For example fly:MG21-00 or fly:B727-00.

Aircraft Code

Night Hawk stealth fighter F117

The MiG27 MG27

Advanced Soviet Su-27 fighter SU27

A-10 Warthog A10A

Radar plane, no weapons AWAC

Boeing 727 B727

McDonnell-Douglas DC-10 DC10

The MiG21 MG21

B-52 bomber B52G

Tupelov bomber TU20

F-111 fighter/bomber F111

Hint :

Glitch: Unlimited range:

When the word "Bingo" is spoken, turn on the afterburners to full and enable fast mode. Ignore the "Fuel Low" warning and wait until the engines stop. Disable fast mode to keep flying as far as needed. Note: Turning off the afterburners will result in a crash.