Game Platforms

F/A-18 Hornet


Cheat :

Mission skip:

Hold [Option] and click on "Briefing". Alternatively, hold [Option] and select "Tour Of Duty" from the "Pilot" menu. Then, hold [Option] and click on "Go To Next Mission".

Drive at 4500 mph:

Enable the "Invincibility" option. Take off, but stay on the ground with the landing gear down. Activate the afterburners to "drive" at over 4500 mph.

Aircraft select:

Hold [Option] and select "Tour Of Duty" from the "Missions" menu. A prompt with two fields for mission number and aircraft will appear. Enter one of the following case-sensitive aircraft codes to use that aircraft in the corresponding mission. Note: In order for this cheat to work, the selected mission must already contain the aircraft that is chosen. Alternatively, type fly:- as a call sign. For example fly:MG21-00 or fly:B727-00.

Aircraft Code

Night Hawk stealth fighter F117

The MiG27 MG27

Advanced Soviet Su-27 fighter SU27

A-10 Warthog A10A

Radar plane, no weapons AWAC

Boeing 727 B727

McDonnell-Douglas DC-10 DC10

The MiG21 MG21

B-52 bomber B52G

Tupelov bomber TU20

F-111 fighter/bomber F111


Select "Free Flight, No Enemy Confrontation" from the main menu and enter 0. The view will shift to the south end of the map.