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Eternal Darkness


Double-edged Sword

When playing as Anthony in Chapter 3, make sure that you save the man who is using a torch and afterwards talk to him. He will give you the two-edged sword, which can be used in chapters 7 and 9 as well.

Infinate Running; Never get tired out

Running away from hordes of zombies or the other crazy beasts is easy, but soon when you run out of breath they are fast on your tail ready to rip you apart. Well, I have found away to keep running, and never run out of breath. This easy thing will work with any character as far as I know. First, start running. As you are running, every few seconds let go of the run button, and at max a second later, press it again. Keep on doing this, and the bug in the game will let you run on into infinity. This bug can really help you, such as when you are Peter and fighting one of the 3 God's creatures summoned by Pious Augustus. Hope it helped!

Show Credits

Beat the game 1 time.

Get Level Select

Beat the game 2 times on the same save game to get Level Select.

Alternate Ending

Complete the game three times, choosing a different story each time, to earn the impressive alternate ending.

Skeleton Alex

Go to Options from the Main Menu to see the picture of Alex change into a skeleton.


Cast a Reveal Invisible Spell aligned with Mantorok.

Enchanted Gladius

To get the Enchanted Gladius you must collect the three effigies:

Ruby: Chapter 4 - In the room before up the the ladder before the rubble which you must climb over.

Sapphire: Chapter 8 - In the room before the one with the Forgotten Corridor Key, use a 5 point Reveal Invisible to show the effigy.

Emerald: Chapter 11 - Protected by a damage field next to the worms.

After getting all effigies, go to the room with the plastic explosives and put the red effigy on the blue wall, green on red and blue on green opening a secret passage with a permantely enchanted gladius.

Cheap Trapper Trick

After level 5, you can save ammo on trappers by using the Magickal Attack spell on them. It's a Project adn Area spell.

Jump to Game Mode

Complete the game under two Ancient's (with data carried over).

Eternal Mode

Complete the game under three Ancient's (with data carried over).

Defeat Gatekeepers Easily

Instead of waiting for them to open their wings, attack from the back which hurts them.

Instant Zombie Death

If you have a torch and you are face a large group of zombies, swing the torch at them. They will die in one hit. You will have to do a final blow quickly because they will disappear if you are too slow. Note: This will only work on the normal common zombies.

Mantorok Rune

When you play as Dr. Edwin Lindsey (the archaeologist), you destroy a field blocking one of those "small dog" holes, which you find out later is a clue to the use of the Summon Trapper spell. Usually, you will pass this area and continue on, since the spell you need isn't available - not only do you not have the scroll but a rune is missing. A little bit later you will acquire the necessary rune (TIER) to complete the spell.

When you have the TIER rune, head back towards the hole and send a trapper through. You will find two horrors inside, along with a pad displaying the purple Manotorok symbol and a spider web. Placing the trapper on the pad will open a door opposite the hole, revealing the Mantorok rune. A horror will then break open the wall opening the path to the spider web which hides the Mantorok codex.

The Mantorok rune is strong against all three others, and poisons the enemy when used as a shield or enchanted weapon. It dispels all types of damage fields, although the opposing rune is still needed for Reveal Invisible. Enjoy!

Different Modes

Beat game once and save clear data to unlock the ''Credits'' option. Carry over the saved data to a new game and beat the game a second time (select a different artifact) to unlock ''Jump to Game'' option. Beat the game a third time to unlock ''Eternal Mode." Eternal Mode is accessible from the Jump to Game option only.

Superior Deities And Spells

There are three different Deities that Pious Augustus can choose at the beginning of the game. The enemies will vary in the game depending on which Deity Pious Chose to worship.

The three Deities and their corresponding colors are:

Chattur'gha (Red)

Xel'lotath (Green)

Ulyaoth (Blue)

You can cast spells under the rune of each deity that will adjust the affect of the spell on items and enemies. Remember that one Deity's weakness is one of the

other Deities.

This chart will show the Superior Deities:

Chattur'gha(red) is the superior Deity to Xel'lotath (green)

Xel'lotath(green) is the superior Deity to Ulyaoth (blue)

Ulyaoth(blue) is the superior Deity to Chattur'gha (red)

There is also a fourth rune, Mantorok (purple), that varies in potency on each Deity's minions.

Remember to use the Superior Deity chart in order to know what type of spell will work the best against each type of enemy, Example: A Ulyaoth (blue) spell will work the best against a Chattur'gha (red) enemy, because Ulyaoth is the Superior Deity to Chattur'gha.

Special Ending

At the end of the game, you can choose one of three artifacts. Beat the game three times and keep choosing a differemt artifact. When you beat the game for the third time, you'll get a big special ending.