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Eternal Arcadia


Cheat :

Hidden artwork:

Place either game disc in a PC compatible CD-ROM drive and open the "master01.bmp" file.

Hidden audio:

While the game was in development, the game programmers wanted to implement speech. However in the final version, the speech was not included. The speech was only in the battle system. Use the following steps to hear the voices that they were going to use. Turn on the Dreamcast with no disc. When the system screen shows up, go to CD player. You will see there is no CD when you go in the CD player. While at the screen with the CD Player controls, insert either game disc. When the disc is loaded in the CD player, the Skies of Arcadia CD will appear. Select "Play" to hear the hidden audio.

Hint :

Hint: Finding Gordo's bar:

Go to map square E4.

Hint: Finding Glacia:

To find Glacia easier, look at the lands of ice. Most of the ice is white, but within the white ice is one light blue area. It is over the mountain when you discover the lights in the sky -- go to the other side of where you are now (over the mountain). In that side alone, look for a light blue area in the ground containing a city frozen in ice. Note: This is very hard to find because none of the tips of the buildings in the city emerge from the ground.

Hint: Getting items from Ilchymis:

After finding Ilchymis, you can have her on your ship. Return to Crescent Isle, so that you can give her some money. She will build a boutique for you. The next time you return to Crescent Isle you will be able to buy items from her. From now on, buy all the items she has and give them to your party members and to Vyse. After the first session of buying things for your party, go outside then return back in again. You can now buy the same items. Once again, load up your party then get out. Repeat this as many times as needed. Check the menu to see if you have 99-9999 of items on your party members. Go into a ship battle or ordinary battle with these skills. If the enemies will shoot a magic spell on your team, the points will be 0 and you cannot take much damage.

Hint: Secret Aika FMV sequence:

When you begin the game and pass the part with Alfonso's ship, return to your island. Get out of the underground base of Pirate Isle. Aika will say that she needs to freshen up a bit. Go to her house, then face towards the door. Go all the way to the left left until you see a clothesline. In that one corner you will see, pasted on the wall of that house corner, a handkerchief. Inspect the handkerchief and you will see a hidden FMV sequence of how Aika looks with her hair down.

Hint: Secret specials:

You need the Delpinus and at least 5 crew members to get these specials. Get your SP (spirit points) in battle to full and a crew SP icon will appear next to the item. This enables all of your active crew members to attack. Repeat these steps to get another special. You need all 4 people alive for this. This one combines the strength of all 4 people, and is the strongest special in the game.

When Vyse has his own ship, he is able to look for 22 crew members but you need at least 5 to do this. When you get 48 spirit points in battle (not ship battle), you can choose to use the Crew Special. It is the strongest in the game, depending what crew you have active -- they can heal you as well as attack the opponent.

Hint: Easy level up:

After you go through the Dark Rift you will be able to go back. After you finish off all the tasks and you have to go around the world, go back to the Dark Rift and go to the exit. You will see a large black Elooper which is stronger than Ramirez. Get into battle with it and automatically use Vyse's Skull Shield, Aika's Blocking Magic special, Drachma's Spirit Charge, and have Fina Focus. Repeat until you get the Prophecy crew special and use it. Keep doing this until it dies to get 7000 experience points.

Hint: Velorium location:

You may have heard Ryu-Kan talking about something called Velorium. This is used to forge Vyse's bets weapon. It is found in the Vortex (the place you found Fina's ship) after Soltis rises. Use the radar until you hit something, then look around. This may take some time due to the battles. When you find a piece (there are two down there, but you only need one. Bring it to Ryu-Kan and he will forge Vyse's best weapon.

Hint: Pirate Isle: Extra money:

Face Vyce's house, and to the left is a tombstone. Observe it closely to notice that it looks strange at the center. Press A next to it and the tombstone will open. You will be on the underground base in a special area. There is a treasure chest that contains some money there.

Debug mode (Official Dreamcast Magazine demo version):

Highlight "Skies Of Arcadia" at the main demo menu. Hold L + R and press Start. Keep L + R held while the game loads. While L + R are held, press Start, A(3) at the epilepsy warning screen. Release L + R. The message "CESA ROM Aug 8, 2000 10:13:12" will appear to confirm correct code entry. The debug menu will be in Japanese. Select the top option to access the scene selection screen. Change the default scene "103a" by pressing L, R, and the D-pad. Enter one of the following values to play the corresponding scene.

002x: Beginning of mini-quest

002y: Underground pirate hideout

002z: First battle of consecutive four battle sequence

090a: Game over screen

103x: Final (Boss) island sequence

103y: Sequence before mini-quest Boss

199a: End screen for "Laws Of The Air Pirates"

199b: End screen for consecutive four battle sequence

199c: End of mini-quest screen, no subquests done

199d: End of mini-quest screen, all subquests done

199e: Game over screen (Vyse down)

199f: Game over screen (Ship crashing)

199g: End of airship battle screen

199h: Ship and big fiery bird screen

202z: Sunset FMV sequence from start of mini-quest

399a: Ship battle sequence (first fight)

400x: Start screen for "laws Of The Air Pirates"

401x: Part four of "Laws Of The Air Pirates"

403x: Part five of "Laws Of The Air Pirates"

404x: Part three of "Laws Of The Air Pirates"

405x: Part two of "Laws Of The Air Pirates"

406x: Part six of "Laws Of The Air Pirates"

500a: Ship battle sequence (first fight)

518a: Ship battle sequence (second fight)