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Enter the Matrix


Cheat mode:

Enter the hacking system in the game. Then, unlock the command allowing "cheats". Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding effect.

Attention ! :

To open cheats type: CHEAT.EXE

Before every cheat number, enter: CHEAT

Maximum firepower:

Enter 0034AFFF as a code.

Unlimited ammunition:

Enter 1DDF2556 as a code.

Unlimited focus:

Enter 69E5D9E4 as a code.

Fast focus restore:

Enter FFF0020A as a code.

Unlimited health:

Enter 7F4DF451 as a code.

Bonus test level:

Enter 13D2C77F as a code.

Sparks' Construct in training mode:

Enter 13D2C77F as a code.

Enemies cannot hear you:

Enter 4516DF45 as a code.

Enemies cannot see you:

Enter FFFFFFF1 as a code.

Turbo mode:

Enter FF00001A as a code.

Multi-player fighting:

Enter D5C55D1E as a code.

Low gravity:

Enter BB013FFF as a code.

Faster logos:

Enter 7867F443 as a code.

Taxi Driving:

Enter 312MF451 as a code.