Game Platforms

Eltale Monsters

Nintendo 64

Cheat :

Full life:

Enter an Inn or save game point and sleep. Then press B at the save game screen to exit without saving the game.

Hint :

Hint: Finding Elements:

When looking for Elements on your journey, look for "bubbles" shooting out of the ground. They resemble smoke shooting out of the ground from a distance. When this location is approached, a question mark will appear. Tap A, and the Element selection menu will appear. Then, just choose the type of Element you wish to build.

Hint: Element stone in the hay:

After you leave the castle, turn left and go to the stable with the horse. There is an element stone in the hay pile.

Hint: Avoiding enemy magic:

There is little time to dodge an enemy spell in battle. Hold the Analog-stick over while the enemy is casting a spell. By the time the spell arrives, your character should be out of the way. Note: Practice is required with this trick, since it does not automatically work all the time.

Hint: Avoiding Earth-based magic:

Run towards any monster that uses Earth-based magic while they are attacking. They always miss if Brian is close enough to the monster. Since their stone attacks are more powerful then their physical attacks, this strategy will also conserve hit points.

Hint: Defeating Zelse:

When facing Zelse in the battle for the Wind Jade, Brian can avoid his second attack by standing six or seven steps away from him. When in this position, Brian will be able to easily outrun his attack.

Hint: Defeating Mammon:

Walk as close to Mammon as possible and use the Earth spell, Avalanche. Since Mammon is so big, almost every rock will hit him, doing about 70 points of damage each. It also helps if you first activate Magic Barrier.

Hint: Defeating Solvaring:

Stock up on the wind element until you get Wind Cutter level 2 or 3. When attacking, stay a reasonable distance from him and keep using Wind Cutter while going in a circle. When you run out of magic, use the Dew Drops. Hopefully he will not approach enough to use his Earth attack. His Fire attack is easy to dodge.

Hint: Easy Boss battles:

Before facing Bosses such as Guilty, Begis, or Mammon, collect as many Dragon potions as possible. During the battle with the Boss, use the Magic Barrier spell under Earth magic. Brian will be protected against magic attacks, allowing him to attack the Boss without harm. Use the Dragon potions to restore MP to cast the spell again when it wears off.

Before fighting a Boss, fight low level enemies (such as hares) until you faint. Your HP and MP will rise.

Hint: Staff attack:

Having all the Elements is still not as powerful in combat as using the staff. When used successfully, the staff almost always does more damage to most enemies than the Elements.

Hint: Entering the Forest:

Before entering the forest, fight the enemies around the sign and the trees.

Hint: Preferred Elements:

The best Elements, in order, are: Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind.

Another recommendation is , in order, Wind, Fire, Earth, and Water. Wind is weak in the beginning but is the strongest Element in the game at the end.

Stock up on Water until you get the healing spell. Then, stock up on Wind until you get Wind Cutter level 3. Then. stock up on Earth until you get Avalanche. After that, stock up on water until you get Drain.

Hint: Agility boost:

To boost your agility, move Brian into a house, then keep Analog-stick Up held (by using a rubber band or some other method). After awhile, your agility should be higher. Note: This takes a long time, and works best if done overnight.

Find a area in a forest where you will not be attacked. It is best if it has a tree in the safe area. Keep running around the tree, or if that is not possible, run in circles. Keep doing this for awhile. Your Agility % will increase noticeably within minutes -- about 5 to 10 % every five minutes or so. Note: Agility increases slowly unless you avoid enemy spells by moving out of the way.

Hint: Spell power boost:

Magic spells gain power as your MP count rises. This is most noticeable with Healing, Waterpillar, and the other spells you have at the start of the game, even without using the higher levels.

Hint: Defense, Agility, and HP boost:

Use the following trick quickly boost Defense, Agility, and HP at the same time. Fight enemies that use homing arrow level 3. About 2 out of 6 arrows will miss you, so you will gain Agility twice as fast as when fighting normal enemies. Since four of arrows will hit you, you will gain HP and Defense four times as quickly as when fighting normal enemies.

Hint: HP and MP boost:

Find an enemy that has an attack that can hurt you a little less what your healing spell returns. Use your healing spell every turn and allow the enemy to hit you. Do this until your almost out of MP then use Drain to get MP back. Do this until you feel it is necessary to kill the enemy. Once the fight is over, your MP and HP should be higher, depending on the length of the battle.

Hint: Magic and Element boost:

This trick requires a lot of fighting. Before you begin collecting spirits from the wild, start fighting small enemies such as Were Hares and Big Mouths, so that you can begin collecting the elements. It is better to start like that because as you collect spirit bubbles, the "Element %" in the statistics section goes up less every time you get a new element.