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East Front 2

PC Windows

Cheat :

Upgrade your units in campaigns :

This cheat will only work during game intermissions - when you have finished a game and wait to start a new one.

1. First you have to read/print the UNITEXT file in game directory.

In this file each unit have a P-number. E.G the russians

have P00014 for the T34/43 tank.

2. You must use Wordprint to open the file.

3. Read every units P-number and note the numbers of the units you wish to replace your games units.

4. Copy the XXXXXX(name of commander).CCD file to another directory

5. Delete all other files named the commanders name except for the XXXXXX.CCD file

6. Use Wordpad to open the present XXXXXX.CCD file

7. Replace any units P-number, that you wish to quit, with the wanted P-number, that you found in the UNITEXT file.

8. Save the edited XXXXXX.CCD file (still using Wordpad) in your game directory, and restore your game.

In this way I have succeded to use masses of T44''s,T34/85, IS122m and IS3 right from the beginning of the German campaign against Russia´.


Hint :

Tip: Use the overlays as much as you can. The range, movement, and visible hexes overlays are invaluable in determining the right course of action and avoiding unfortunate accidents.

Tip: Units can easily get lost in trees and other parts of the terrain because the map palette isn't very broad. To help sort out matters, turn on the unit bases. The game may look less realistic, but turning on the unit bases helps you keep track of all those little infantry platoons.

Tip: If you are partial to flanking movements, be sure to turn on the vehicle facing option, so you get the maximum benefit from your maneuvers.