Game Platforms

Earthquake Zeeno

PC Windows

Walkthrough :



The object is to identify the hazards and find safe places

to duck during an earthquake. To identify hazards, jump and

touch the hazard to get the ´H´ for points. Duck to identify a

safe place and get three colorful balls for points. For example

a safe place may be under a table. Once you have done this you

will get the survival tools falling. Jump and grab as many

survival tools as you can before the next level, in the time

given. Survival tools are first aid kits, shoes, warm clothes,

water, food and so on. However if you do not make the minimum

points needed for the level, it will repeat, in which case you

play the level again.

LEVEL 1: Hallway



Wall clock, hanging plant, sculpture on the table and the

deer picture.

Safe Place:

Duck under the table.

LEVEL 2: Bedroom



Window, Picture frame (of fish) on the wall, chest of drawers

and the mirror.

Safe place:

On the bed with a pillow over your head.

LEVEL 3: Toilet



Toilet bowl, mirror, washer and light fixture.

Safe place:

Bathrooms/Toilets are not a safe place to be in. Jump by the door

to get the colorful balls - this identifies that you will leave

the toilet during earthquake if possible.

LEVEL 4: Dining room



Picture frame of the city of Vancouver, B.C., vase on the table,

heavy shelf/china, window, cabinet and light fixture (optional

for extra points)

Safe place:

Under the table.

LEVEL 5: Toyroom



Toy plane, window, light fixture and bookshelf on the wall.

Safe place:

Under the desk.

Thats Its


Are you prepared? Do you remember all the survival tools you

collected? A little hint ...Jump for anything you think is a

hazard. A hazard is something that will fall on you.

You´ve done a good job. You are prepared, let´s see if you

are ready for PART II EARTHQUAKE Zeeno SURVIVOR, where things

crash and fall.