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Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 : Cobis Adventure

Game Boy Color

Befriend monsters easily

Save a lot of money and buy a Gold Pass. Then, go to Sky World and buy as much Sirloin as possible. The Gold Pass will reduce the cost by 10%. Use the Sirlion very desirable monsters to breed a strong monster.


After you complete the main gates, Oasis, Pirate, Ice, Sky, and Limbo keys, and have at least 250 monsters, go to Warubou in the Navel Log and talk to him. He will give you his son Petibou, but it is a Warubou.


To get a lot of Meat of all kinds, have an empty item storage, then go to a Magic Key World. Fight a warrior, and if you win, instead of getting a Warpwing, you will get a lot of Meat (almost 20 pieces).


Breed a Whipbird (base) with a Greatdrak or vice versa. It has good skills such as Healusall.


Breed a Crag Devil as the pedigree and a Yeti as the secondary.


Breed a GoldGolem with a MetalKing.


Breed a GreatDrak with a Lionex, Skeletor, or Octoraid.


Get it by exchanging for ten Tiny Medals. You need this monster to get a special key.

Hotblood personality

You need 54000g (six books). You will need two Nice, two Quest and two Smart. If your monster is weak in something (for example, Pushy, you will need to give it BeNice and Smart books. You do not need anymore quests as it has a very good charge attack. It will rise to Eager if you give it two BeNice books and will become Hotblood if you give it two more Smart books) just give it its weakness books.

Charge Personality

Good Hotblood

Good Eager

Good Smug

Good Earnest

Good Pushy

Good Snobby

Good Reckless

Good Daring

Good Daredevil

Average Cool/Calm

Average Serious

Average Selfish

Average Simple

Average Innocent

Average Prideful

Bad Nosy

Average Whimsy

Average Spoiled

Bad Smart

Bad Sly

Bad Cruel

Bad Shy

Bad Affable

Bad Coward

Bad Gullible

Bad Carefree

Bad Lazy

Easy money

Use this trick after you complete the S class tournament. After completing that class, and you will be able to complete all the other class again as many times as needed. Get your bag full of items until you cannot carry anymore. Go to the C class tournament. If you win, you will get a prize but since bag is full you will get 6000g instead.

Soul key

Get and complete the Baffle and Brawn keys and talk to the old man for it. They are keys for which you must fight a tower of five or six floors. Defeat them all with only strong monsters as they are very strong.

Terry mode

Successfully complete the game and collect over 150 monsters. Terry from Dragon Warrior Monsters will visit GreatLog. You can find him in the Arena near the entrance. Defeat him in battle, and an entirely new breeding mode will be unlocked at the main menu. In Terry mode, you can breed your monsters from Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 with monsters from Dragon Warrior Monsters.


Breed a Rosevine and a Gigantes.

20 free stat points

Go to any Magic Keys Dungeon and look for a green girl. She will say that if you defeat her she will give you a medicine. After you defeat her, she will increase your monster's lowest stat by 20 points.

Useful items

In Magic Key World's cave at the end of the dungeon, there will be a chest for you to open. You may get equipment, magic keys, or dream eggs.


Breed a Battlerex (base) and a Bosstroll.


Breed a Dracolord (dragon) (base) with a Orligon.

Brawn and Baffle keys

Show the old man a Darck. He will give you the Brawn key (for Cobi) or Brawn key (for Tara).

No Data monsters

These are monsters that can be bred but have no data in the library





Breed a Plant family (base) with a ? family.

Wonder Eggs

Wonder Eggs can only be bred across the Game Link Cable by breeding a Slime as the base monster with a BigRoost as the mate monster.


This is a magic key world with all Boss-type monsters. Note: They will brush your meat treats away.


Breed Lavaman with Bosstroll, Iceman with Lavaman, or Iceman with Bosstroll. GoldGolem learns very good attacks, such as BazooCall and BigBang.


Breed a MetalKing, KingSlime, or SpotKing with a GoldGolem; or MetalKing with MetalKing.


Breed an ArrowDog with a Dracky. You should get an egg with the name "?????????". This is Noctoking (the monster in the underground tournament).

Dream Eggs

There eggs are extremely rare. You may be able to find one in Magic Key World's dungeon.

Special monsters with special skills

Divinegon: BigBang

RainHawk: MegaMagic, Surge

GoldSlime: BigBang, Surge, Chance

SkyDragon: MultiCut

GoldGolem: BigBang, Surge

Dimensaur: MegaMagic, HellBlast

Azurile: LifeSong, HellBlast


Breed a Boss Troll as the base and an Almiraj (the horned rabbit) as the mate.

Dracolord (dragon)

Breed a Dracolord (base) with a Divinegon.


Breed a Divinegon (base) with a Gigadraco or a Goldgolem.

Easy experience

Either fight in Limbo with most monsters of up to 6,000 experience or in BlackLord with all Boss monsters at 25,000 experience.

Steal Monsters

Get a lot of Sirloins and Ribs. Meet a warrior, merchant or master in Magic Key Worlds. Find them and look for strong monsters. Give them one Rib and attack. Feed your desired monster with a Sirloin. Then, defeat it and it will join you.


Breed a Trumpeter as the base monster with a Balzak, GoldGolem, Trumpeter, BossTroll, or MetalDrak as the mate monster.


First, breed a Lavaman with an Iceman to get a GoldGolem. Next, breed a Centasaur with your GoldGolem to get Durran. To make it more powerful, raise your GoldGolem and Centasaur to their maximum level before breeding.


Breed a Devil ( face ) family (base) with a ? family.


Breed a Zoma as the pedigree with a PsycoPiz.


Trade 5 Tinymedals with the Tinymedal collector for a Servant. Then, breed Servant with Andreal to get a "?" monster (DracoLord).

To get an invincible Dracolord (attack strength of 999), trade two Servants. Train them to maximum levels. Then, breed the two Servants together to get a baby Servant with about 399 attack strength. Train it to maximum level again, then breed it with a maximum level Andreal. Your Dracolord's defense may be very low. If you want to make it higher, you can breed it with a Metaly, Metable, Matalking or a Gold Slime; however, their HP are low.