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Dragon Ball Z : Sparking Meteor

Nintendo Wii

Getting through Baby in Dragon History

When you start, you will be in the normal stage. Keep your distance. When he gets close do a normal combo ending with a bashing attack. This should send him flying. If not, keep going until it does. When the "R3" symbol appears, use it as quickly as possible. Goku should turn into a Super Saiyan 3. Repeat the same strategy, because your health is very limited. After awhile the "R3" symbol will reappear. Press it quickly. Majuub should come in. This is your chance to do a little damage while switching back and forth using the strategy done with Goku, and just doing combos on him. When the "R3" symbol appears, do not hesitate to use it. When SS4 Goku comes in, go all out and take him out.

Background Music

Unlockable Background Music:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
I Give You A RomanticDragon History Cleared
Super Suvivor (Instrumental, Full)Dragon World Tour, Cell Game, Difficulty 2 Victory
Super Suvivor (Instrumental, Short)Dragon World Tour, World Tournament, Difficulty 2 Victory
Super Suvivor (Vocal, Full)Dragon World Tour, Otherworld Tournament, Difficulty 3 Victory
Super Suvivor (Vocal, Short)Dragon World Tour, Super World Tournament, Difficulty 3 Victory

All characters

Another easy way to unlock most of the characters for Tenkaichi 3 is by having Budokai Tenkaichi 2 save game ( with all of the characters that you've unlocked of course ) inside your memory card. It will load it and when you go to the vs mode, you'll notice most of the characters have been unlocked.


Unlockable Characters..

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
AkkumanDragon History IF saga "Unexpected Messiah" cleared
Android 08 (Hatchan in Japanese)Dragon History IF saga "Kindhearted Android" cleared
AraleDragon History IF saga "Dream Match" clear
BabidiDragon History Buu saga "Good bye Proud Warrior" cleared
Chi-ChiRed Shenron's Wish
Cyborg Tao-Pai-PaiOtherworld Tournament level 2 victory
Dr. WheeloDragon History Special Saga "Dr. Wheelo" cleared
Fasha (Seripa in Japanese)Yamcha Game level 3 victory
General BlueDragon History Dragonball saga "Searching in Penguin Village" cleared
Gohan (Future)Shenron's Wish
Goku(GT)Dragon History GT saga "Undead Monster!?" cleared
King ColdCell Game level 3 victory
King PiccoloDragon History Dragonball saga "Revenge of Goku" cleared
King VegetaDagon History IF saga "Galaxy Battle" cleared
NailDragon History Frieza saga "Super Saiyan!?" cleared
NamDragon History Dragonball saga "Dreadful Tenku Peke Ji Ken" cleared
Pilaf MachineSuper World Tournament level 2 victory
SpopovichWorld Tournament level 3 victory
TambourlineDragon History Dragonball saga "Revenge of Goku" cleared


Unlockable Stages..

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Capital CityRed Shenron's Wish
Desert (Day)Shenron's Wish
Desert (Evening)Yamcha Game Level 2 Victory
Desert (Night)Cell Game Level 2 Victory
Janemba HellDragon History Special Saga "Janemba" Cleared
Mt. PaozuShenron's Wish
Muscle TowerDragon History Dragon Ball Saga "Decisive Battle in Holy Place" Cleared
Penguin VillageRed Shenron's Wish

Survival mode

Complete 30 missions in 100 mission mode.

Red Potara characters

Enter one of the following passwords to unlock the Red Potara version of that character in Duel mode. Note: The passwords do not use the letters "O" or "I".

099T0 VW%5b 3t&Cm S!<BR> s)fQL XlN5# hf#z$ CVAndroid #13
$jY2f sK%*g jY55x pJ<BR> S8&F( 6&Ws@ 7Sb9? 1VAndroid #16
F9@3% FYNtz @0#wD d2<BR> Py602 J-q4& lwHZB fVAndroid #17
mkSFw +DPnr nx6qW !x<BR> GPJT? 6N2k@ $CJ?6 --Android #18
2cGy) 1z0B3 63HCS Dt<BR> pBk*T rmZyY L5c3q CZAndroid #19
6kcf+ @lvj0 -yBz2 x? <BR> V7W8H 8z?Hl C4!r# M9Android #8
BLM@0 d*@nJ 8#8S+ )f<BR> q7f8D t+Yh( z$QPS 1!Appule
0Qkc2 S#!nS #(y!$ C7<BR> Mp8*s 3jX1M 6XXn2 P$Arale
DT+-z lQkHl WnHn% jp<BR> q?@1Q @$90F 8Rd3x LVBabidi
(&!!( B7886 WhYnn Lv<BR> GLL$g xfLz$ t?R-l SLBaby Vegeta
j0RHf *(YrP -j4ml #G<BR> xK(CT -3Kjc 3rh50 9YBardock
6cHZ7 WV)cY l+JC0 L&<BR> *ynTD wKZV% qG*Jp bVBojack
6*G?q +0P?p (?7LS Dj<BR> (lgv4 5m4!k 8$v(8 v?Broly
q*qR8 1kghT Nh9kS !v<BR> NdMxP 4SG8T PNbfm j(Burter
1yCbW 7rL#P nRcWP Rv<BR> F5HYN X7sRf *BZ+4 1JCell
9hVKP 5F&%Q ?HmW2 !y<BR> c*)W4 Z7f4f rbZzC +5Cell Jr.
VkQN( q#z?K 0?QBK Lq<BR> PC$W( Rd7V2 w+Gj4 &SChi-Chi
&hz9M bm3%2 pF+8W 7@<BR> B)0BV p#YKv @0d9L 9*Chiaotzu
G3b9n fj?54 tCn+r Z!<BR> !V4kq SkvHc 5DPX? WfCooler
n*cHH dkhCV JLCKq %C<BR> SP+-8 (rXbv fXptR -dCui
C79%0 B0%+- Xn!7n QH<BR> F$*pJ DSVt6 9hyzN jNCyborg Tao
hp?lT vycM- @1z?3 @j<BR> *LWC9 6GBdC B9@$R F)Dabura
TR-0J 7f12k gf?FS z8<BR> 9WB@j y9@B2 cPnCg mbDemon King Piccolo
BkgF3 NkMWF f5ff& 73<BR> PTZJX V5@@r L)xZP DPDevilman
FQ+73 z#vDL MCGM0 cb<BR> LnFvD 8fGB@ 7lfWz +3Dodoria
pBSZc !nP0V ZjD*N +b<BR> cmPxq dsSJ$ +Q-X% kxDr. Gero
)FsKb Q$2GC fYJNN ws<BR> QhLGb 3SW7c zvzS) fZDr. Wheelo
lTWKx lLtLF y3+0$ @n<BR> T5F1l h&0#t T)2+4 4+Evil Buu
csn-c 3)C5J r)z(f 4t<BR> fV?gQ W0T!y VblDs #fFasha
K3vBF dcrSD nYz9r NR<BR> JLJS9 t4j4! Jr1z% 9kFrieza
+66df LR8Qw 3HtY2 +2<BR> $HzFh l*G0r )j69) D3Frieza Soldier
zKtY@ 5dn#5 0%x6b Vy<BR> Vf(8c chX?? fWq+k KQFuture Gohan
Q*)Zq xs%&@ KgrjL mx<BR> 1Vg0j 04Jg? #fW5x MwGarlic Jr.
v2+Xb Bll#B Kcn8J XN<BR> Ms5f9 HqnP2 Rh?zh x&General Blue
15%lM xxySd h(fd? $K<BR> gRzfc +CXy+ 0G)hW d2General Tao
19Myd mWdMK gB$HZ MS<BR> @Q#4q HVWJ- bCX!SsHGinyu
2kX?) 8kJQk j9X0q KD<BR> b8RQ9 bq)Sv 8%V5Z ?CGohan
S+2wR ffGkp F2R96 Y!<BR> cQ*x2 K!0pC $NQXM $2Goku (early)
bJGN) 1#&K5 *l!%$ md<BR> c0gsW NLsfH $lCZR -qGoku (end)
?Pr8z NK@yv jDfF% xJ<BR> F3xd% wQG@W BR0-W y4Goku (mid)
zk*9! $6h81 P%B&t Sg<BR> @8MTZ T@11p (294n KDGoten
ccgjm Q8DFD zlBdG JD<BR> Flrl0 XlvD4 cQ2H@ pwGrandpa Gohan
TT5bz g1ky- Y-?fv 3L<BR> H2X-g $yW!R #5B)q (?GT Goku
SGZQL @KBf9 PH5q0 Kx<BR> @VSX2 4&HKV ny!VM dFGuldo
lH8c2 *7+5- #RT?# mB<BR> sVzl% n3FVn 4D290 S7Hercule
%@93) s0jW5 TYvM8 )m<BR> rwc!H MynyB gdD)6 09Hirudegarn
@-w*& 3)sWx q0$m5 #3<BR> R27nX 5mr8X *n9Qp -PJanemba
4S@%D -XbNF #f)DT sC<BR> CzkLX T+fFX K0yjM VLJeice
+kh8l ?Pxt$ mbv+t *g<BR> $s?C2 XKYfx ZR&3J Z3Kid Buu
7MD-x vq3(1 %#BkJ j*<BR> m@&c- MjZqB DT6D? NsKid Gohan
6cm9Q y6cZd (mTS0 Y6<BR> +TBy2 hv#!L (q63b cgKid Goku
S8k3j vFg0t WKWV! vL<BR> CF@jS KPZyl C3?yp PmKid Trunks
pJjP5 q6WlX 2sWgb Qz<BR> 9*+Sr MhDtM n#KBt (-King Cold
mSW4V ?HfTv 8p!*5 z*<BR> S$YB( -sNg# yGQ98 bXKing Vegeta
c7wQ@ jjR64 T&glr F2<BR> n$@%q 7!0r9 Pnysg DCKrillin
Kc0g7 zM8P& 03YnZ )-<BR> 7%kGy K$)Q% fS0rX gYMajin Buu
h5mQ7 94BKd lGZhW nd<BR> kRbC$ (y%pJ 7c4T% WvMajin Vegeta
$*@Tg jwF9w BN5n4 #*<BR> *?jHD tbvJM psKDT lXMecha Frieza
lJwLy C!64m x4*Rj *s<BR> !%Yk3 ?g#+# Xh-DX 2HMeta-Cooler
ZkcWC L$M%? *ScHN YC<BR> Dn*v$ fFDhs d#(&M zdNail
rF1$R C(xfk 6l9Ld rn<BR> Rhf%c (x$34 clfMM xHNam
gT+30 PGJhF 8lv99 Zn<BR> (MZZm xgvTQ cG46K q8Nappa
@489V m4Nz% PrTpN zj<BR> pnG4D pq)4? *yzlN 4KNuova Shenron
l)hWr 0#9mm !hPx) Db<BR> mXcMP J$lw7 snj7n z0Pan
14qnm F$+vV rjqVm Nd<BR> vyBd$ 6jt6g bWt1w g$Piccolo (early)
$mkc- rBKgX c4j*q (N<BR> Bl4l? s2%dB J1bjp nHPiccolo (end)
Z7rY8 FLX4P 1Z%gq Y7<BR> 8+2Nq 9pn@t Hk%Yq vcPikkon
0%fDD &x9kk xVZgC XJ<BR> nrwps (+Tnx qTc(m w$Pilaf Machine
mJbsF 3-N)9 nsLDl (Z<BR> qbSg4 3Mt2* l?kK) PlRaditz
z5*0W &R(qD PQLF( 4Y<BR> C(D7L srl$G gD0%c ?%Recoome
jK#dd 3)p+q #L0wf !#<BR> Cc8@b 35Fg5 RdzsY DNRoshi
v9SKL &MbMb %)0SM ZB<BR> 3nK&) L$6qq 83Kwk PjSaibamen
kQ6d$ @qZd% r&Bn# 6$<BR> 6NRWW T5p5D y8Y(V JbSalza
G#65$ jd-Qk 9r5NL Wx<BR> bPF2L XFjFL kpyp( dbSlug
t(7@x 7W?y( )7RXd cl<BR> KTBlH Sp&+B *mYg6 rFSpopovich
3Njf# Sn&W* WM+jy Wj<BR> +X-5+ CJH+4 Nby-3 0MSSJ4 Vegeta
4HZ@g lcfhb RW93b s8<BR> yQ5Cz (LTQ$ KwL3C 9XSuper 17
hlC-2 SGFTY r7HNR 2x<BR> Cc!b$ Gs23& gt7sK 1CSuper Buu
$MS-n dzc$$ p#D8L 8b<BR> @J(87 4kV++ %fZb5 4vSupreme Kai
6&b+F 93)88 cpK6+ L$<BR> xj+v% !grGW F@gSw &pSyn Shenron
YhSvT dSP4$ MdRl# X$<BR> kcBZ( +KKnM vdMrZ KDTambourine
ghcFh 6+6t1 SMG9T 83<BR> 62#Y2 tXVNb )K5yy HhTapion
ZDK-V @c?v@ Cq(r7 z?<BR> GbhlF !-bt) g7q-? jMTeen Gohan
gTRYn hpJgn G)9%6 7H<BR> &DyVf bbBYp 09hSf G7Tien
knL?2 w65wh T5(PQ QV<BR> BsN$- cp?b6 7Wwf% LfTrunks
tpcBk kx(mW &NJ+? xm<BR> wf9Nv z$M*7 8vM+2 -WTrunks (sword)
yt#P3 #rKW8 wJcB0 tY<BR> MqTqc ?!4fF Dp$zr fgTurles
8Gr7v VgXT+ J&-f0 w4<BR> 0p1g1 Y(%K# GSpF4 btUltimate Gohan
F#cnL 7zjGj jfP)g CD<BR> QQD$H 4M$F+ fkW$$ %kUub
H?vy# q%H8w 6F(Wx H3<BR> DsW?c C3-NB vZ@Vf &#Vegeta
S0VVV lfNjB $&$&# G5<BR> *tT0l H07K2 Gj$4g 2?Vegeta (Scouter)
kMPL8 JCC1s 9n96M 7h<BR> HvTBh #zmX0 *+BQf 5NVegeta (second form)
$Y0Hr 7HH3b 3Pck% 51<BR> VyQjM 8f+c# cxFc1 wGVidel
Y%yL1 3JC%d d?W5+ hz<BR> 42rnX t7SgF D-T4G JlYajirobe
gZk4T R5t7p ll&9P h9<BR> Pf)@p nTLPh ZQjV9 +#Yamcha
sx#J% 1mdcl 4r6W3 w0<BR> l7$V4 &XVH) hJ+jt BsZangya
-t5C8 r1rpj &Bj)? fs<BR> (pWxS -*6rf 00C7j jrZarbon