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Disgaea 3 : Absence Of Justice

PlayStation 3


How to unlock the all 8 endings:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Almaz's EndingWin stage 8-4 with Almaz alone and the battle after
Human World EndingKill more then 99 allies and clear two alt. stages by stage 7-6
Laharl's EndingGo to homeroom and propose Watch a New Ending and clear the stage
Mao's Ambition EndingClear stage 1-9 on 2nd or higher cycle before stage 4-4
Normal EndingDon't meet any other ending's requirement
Raspberyl's Ending 1Lose against Raspberyl on stage 1-5
Raspberyl's Ending 2Lose against Raspberyl on stage 2-1
Super Hero EndingUse Mao at Lv 500 or higher to defeat final boss

Cameo Characters

Must have beaten the at least once to unlock any of these characters.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
AsagiBeat extra map 4
AxelBeat extra map 6
Laharl, Etna, and FlonneBeat extra map 7
MaronaBeat extra map 5
Master Big StarBeat extra map 1
Prism Redbeat extra map 3
SalvatoreBeat extra map 2


Unlockable Classes:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Archer (Female)lvl 15 Female Fighter and lvl 15 Female Healer
Archer (Male)lvl 15 Male Fighter and lvl 15 Male Healer
BerserkerHeavy Knight and Magic Knight Lv 40
Cheerleader (Idol)Geo Master and Healer Lv 25
Geo MasterFist Fighter and Healer level 20
Gunner FemaleFemale Thief and Mage level 15
Gunner MaleMale Thief and Mage level 15
Heavy KnightMale Fighter and Fist Fighter(?) level 15
Magic KnightFighter and Mage level 25
MajinClear 2nd play through turtorial
Masked HeroThief and gunner level 45
Monster TamerFemale Fighter and Fist Fighter(?) level 15
Ninja (Female)lvl 30 Female Monk and lvl 30 Female Magician
Ninja (Male)lvl 30 Male Monk and lvl 30 Male Magician
Ninja FemaleFemale Fist Fighter and Mage level 30
Ninja MaleMale Fist Fighter and Mage level 30
Samurai (Female)lvl 35 Female Fighter and lvl 35 Female Archer
Samurai (Male)lvl 35 Male Fighter and lvl 35 Male Archer
ShamanGeo Master and Mage Lv 25