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Digimon World: Digital Card Battle


Hint :

Hint: Easy HP Fever:

At the start, pick Armadillomon as a companion. When you get the Digi-Egg of Knowledge and have the HP Boost+100 Digi-Part, heal Digmon for 200 HP. You will then get HP Fever (1110).

Digivolve to a Vegiemon and use a Small Recovery Floppy Card. Your HP will then go to 1110.

Hint: Easy experience:

Fight with Betamon in the first city when he uses the pick up deck. If you win, you will earn more than 30 points.

Hint: Easy super bonus:

This trick only works when you fight with Betamon, and he uses the pick up deck. First, obtain a partner card in your first hand. Use your partner, but do not Armor Digivolve. Never discard a card -- you have to use them all as support or DP (this is important, never lose your partner card, you need obtain a no loss win). Kill two of your enemies by only using the same attack (only Circle, Triangle or X as you prefer). When you fight with the last opponent, keep using the same attack, but when you are sure of your victory in that turn, use a gamble or nothing card. If you followed those steps, you can easily obtain: 30 points of your enemies, No Digivolve Win, No Loss Win, Last Gamble Win, Ultimate Level Win (because Betamon only use level U cards, he does not have R or C cards, so he is easy), No Discard, Partner Win, all ? Attack win, and your super bonus of 10 points. This is more than 50 points.

Hint: Easy Ultimates:

Get to Dark City and defeat all four stages of Wormon. You will get a pack and an Ultimate.

Hint: AreoVeedromon:

Fuse Phoenixmon and Veedmon.

Hint: Diaboromon:

fuse a Digitamamamon with Infermon.

Hint: ImperialDramon:

Get to the last city, Wiseman Tower. Go to the Fusion shop, where you can Fuse anything. To get ImperialDramon, you must fuse Paildramon and Omnimon II.

Hint: Paildramon:

Fuse ExVeemon and Stingmon or Shakkoumon and WaruMonzaemon.

Hint: Piedmon:

Fuse Andromon with Etemon to get Metal Etemon. Then, fuse Metal Etemon with Angewomen to get Piedmon.

Hint: Rosemon:

Fuse Myotismon with Lillymon.

Hint: Seraphimon:

Only fuse a MagnaAngemon with Jijimon.

Hint: Valkyrimon:

Fuse Silpymon with Garudamon.

Hint: Veemon:

Select Veemon as a partner if you are a beginner. He has three Digi-Eggs, compared to Hawkmon's and Armadillomon's two Eggs.

Hint: Vikemon:

Fuse Shakkoumon with Zudomon.

Hint: WarGreymon:

Fuse Shakkoumon and WaruMonzaemon.

Hint: Wizardmon's wand spells:

Successfully complete the game, then go back to Sky City, where you fought Wizardmon. He will tell you he has a magic wand. Say the spell, and he will give you a Card.

Card: Spell

ArialVeedramon: A-VEEDRAMON

HereculesKabuterimon: H-KBUTERIMON

Jijimon: JIJIMON

Metal Etemon: MTLETEMON

Metal Garurumon: MTLGARURUMON

Omnimon (fire type): OMNIMON-1

Omnimon (water type): OMNIMON-2

Piedmon: PIEDMON

VenomMyotismon: VENOMMYOTIS

Wargreymon: WARGREYMON

Hint: Defeating "A" (Analogmon):

At one point in the game, you are going to have to fight a card duelist named "A", or in other cases, Analogmon. At the beginning of the battle, Analogmon will use some sort of special code and will send all your partner cards to the bottom of the deck. This is one of the toughest battlers in the entire game. In order to win, you have to follow the following strategy. At the start of the battle, Analogmon will send out Demidevimon. He will then use this "Download Digivolve" option card which will make him digivolve to Ultimate immediately. When he does this, he becomes Apokarimon, the strongest card ever, with an attack power of 990 and HP of nearly 3000. There is only one easy way to defeat him. Make sure you have Veemon with his Digi-egg of Courage ready. Note: To get Veemon at the beginning of the battle, purposely send all of your cards offline until you get all of your partner cards in your hand. Select Veemon and Armor-Digivolve to Flamedramon. When you have the choice of attack, select X, so you do a counter attack. When you counter Apokarimon's Circle attack, he receives a damage of 990. Keep repeating this technique to defeat his first Digimon. Note: He has only one Apokarimon. Apokarimon will always use the Circle attack until it is a successful attack.

Have Hacking card in your deck. Look for it and use it as a support card with a Rookie and your HP will switch with Apokarimon or use a "Data Copy Card".

This is the last and the strongest Boss. He cheats by using download digivolve to digivolve into Apokarimon, the strongest card.

Hint: Defeating an Apakarimon card:

Get a card with Crash ability and a Data Copy card. Use the Crash ability for the Attack and Data Copy for a Support card. Your attack should match the enemies HP.

Hint: Water special Digimon:

If you are specializing in Water special Digimon, and only collect cards of water, then use the following trick. When you fuse two Cards, it will always come out as a Water Type. To get a Water Type Card, you must fuse a Fire type and ? type.

Hint: Easy way to Digivolve into U (Ultimate and Mega):

You must have the Warp Digivolve Card, and have at Least 40 Digivolve Points. As a Rookie, you must have the same type Rookie as the U you are going to Digivolve into. After you have 40 DP, look at the Warp Digivolve card, and it will read "OK!". Use this, and if you have a U level on the board, you can warp Digivolve into U easily.

Hint: Download Digivolve:

Digivolve without DP, and also digivolve into any level including R~R.

Hint: Ultimate win:

Defeat an Ultimate level Digimon with an Rookie level Digimon. Alternately, digivolve to Ultimate level and win a fight. Note: If you defeat an Ultimate level with an Rookie level, consider that Digimon good luck -- defeating a Ultimate level Digimon seems to make your Digimon stronger.

Hint: Partner win:

Win a battle with your Digimon partner.

Hint: Comeback win:

Start with a Rookie, a Champion, and an Ultimate of the same specialty. Intentionally allow the two other rookies to die, then digivolve into Ultimate and defeat the rest of his Digimon.

Hint: Digmon card:

To get the Digmon card, choose Armadillomon as a partner card at the beginning of the game. When you get to Flame City, successfully defeat Veemon, and go to the Battle Cafe. Talk to Davis and he will give you the Digmon card. Use good Digi parts on him, and he will be invincible.

Hint: Strongest card:

The strongest card is Omegamon. The back of Omegamon have two large cannon.

The strongest card is Apokarimon, with an attack power of 990 and HP of almost 3000.

Hint: Most powerful card:

The most powerful card is Level Mega.

Hint: 255 Agumon cards for fusion:

To unlock the never-ending Agumon cards that appear only in fusion, get 6 Flarizamon cards and 6 Darkizamon cards. After that, defeat Veemon in Flame City in the arena. Then, save your game. Next, go to the fusion shop. Check the Agumon. You should have 255 Agumon cards. Note: When this was done with Veemon as a partner.

Hint: Easy Warp Digivolve card:

Go to the Fusion Shop and fuse the Suka's Curse card with the Mega Defense Disk Triangle card. The new card will be the Warp Digivolve card.

Hint: Easy and early Option cards:

When you win the second city and Card Fusion becomes available choose two cards of the same type to fuse. They will become an option card.

Hint: Easy Partner Finder card:

Fuse Solarmon and Candlemon.

Hint: Sevens cards:

To get Sevens cards you must battle the following.

Grand Sevens: Nanimon

Dark Sevens: Piedmon

Holy Sevens: Seraphimon

Wild Sevens: Imperialdramon

Mystic Sevens: Kari

Speed Sevens: Piximon

Most of them need to be defeated six to eight times.

Hint: Better cards:

Win a certain arena repeatedly to get better cards each time.

Hint: Double your cards:

This trick requires two memory cards. Copy your game to the second memory card, then give all of your cards from the copied file to the original file. Note: This does not work with the 7's cards, Download Digivolve, and Rosemon's Lure.

Hint: Powerful deck:

Use the following trick to get a deck so powerful that it is possible to start with a level U Digimon at full power in every match. First, defeat A (Analogmon). He is in the third area, Infinite Tower. Then, defeat Rosemon about eleven times to get Download Digivlove (first area, Beginner City). ) ut your partner cards in your deck (for experience) and get as many level U Digimon as you can. Try doing the Wiseman Tower arena several times as well as Wizardmon's wand thing. Put the strongest level U Digimon in your deck (no level C or R, except for partners). Then, put the Download Digivolve in your deck. You can put more option cards if desired, but only two or three are recommended. Note: You should have about 24 level U Digimon in your deck strategy. Keep drawing cards until you either get a partner with a Digi Egg or the Download Digivolve P with Digi Eegg. Armor Digivolve and start winning some rounds. If you get low on HP, keep drawing until you get Download Digivolve and Digivolve to level U. Digivolve directly to level U and pretend you are "A".

Hint: Damage Fever bonus:

Get into an extended battle. If the battle is long enough and the hit points are high enough you will get a Damage Fever bonus.

Hint: Digi Egg of Courage:

Defeat Beginner City and move to Flame City. From there, defeat the Battle arena. Return to the Battle Cafe and talk to Davis. He will reward you with the Digi Egg Of courage and explain the art of Armor Digivolving.

Hint: Digi Egg of Miracles:

Get 300+ wins then go to Beginner City and defeat BlackWarGreymon. Then, talk to him then he will give you the Digi Egg of Miracles.

Hint: Special Fusion:

Special Fusion is just like DNA Digivolve. When you combine them, your Digimon will be shown in 3D.

WaruMonzaemon + Monzaemon = Puppetmon

Hereleskabuterimon + Megadramon = Grankuwagamon

Stingmon + Exveemon = Paildramon

Aquilamon + R. Gatomon = Sylpymon

WereGururmon + RealMetalGreymon = Omnimon II

MetalGururmon + WarGreymon = Omnimon I

Angemon + Ankylomon = Shakkoumon

Omnimon + Paildramon = Imperialdramon

MagnaAngemon + Angewoman = Magnadramon

MegaSeadramon + WaruSeadramon = MetalSeadramon

LadyDevimon + Myotismon = VenomMyotismon

Herculeskabuterimon + Brachiomon = Digitamamon

Paildramon + Silphymon or Silphymon + Shakkoumon = Infermon

Vademon + MarineAngemon = SuperStarmon