Game Platforms




Atlanta vs Boston: T5BBB5PSIH6X

Boston vs Washington: 55BBB5PSIHDX

Chicago vs Boston: C5BBB5PSIHPX

Cleveland vs Boston: 75BBB5PSIH4X

Dallas vs Boston: L5BBB5PSIH4X

Denver vs Boston: 85BBB5PSIHGX

Detroit vs Washington: H5BBB5PSIH7X

Indianapolis vs Boston: K5BBB5PSIH3X

Las Vegas vs Atlanta: S5BBB5PSIH8X

Los Angeles vs Washington: 65BBB5PSIHAX

Miami vs Boston: M5BBB5PSIHJX

Minnesota vs Washington: P5BBB5PSIHEX

New England vs Washington: N5BBB5PSIHRX

New Orlean vs Washington: A5BBB5PSIH9X

Philadelphia vs Washington: G5BBB5PSIHSX

Phoenix vs Washington: 95BBB5PSIHNX

Phoenix vs Miami: 95BB B7FI RFXX

Pittsburg vs Washington: E5BBB5PSIH5X

San Diego vs Boston: D5BBB5PSIHFX

San Francisco vs Boston: U5BBB5PSIHHX

Tampa Bay vs Boston: R5BBB5PSIHTX

Washington vs Boston: F5BBB5PSIHCX

Score on kick returns

To score on kick returns, run between the two men on the right and then run up the sideline. If you do this correctly, you'll score every time.

Defensive moves

Prevent: For the sack, blitz your linebacker around the left side of the offensive line.

3-4 Defense: When the computer is inside your 10 yard line, blitz your linebacker around either side. Be sure to use your powerbooster to get to the quarterback.

Easy scores on offense

Axle Grind: To score quick touchdowns, throw to the left wide receiver.

Sunday Ride: For quick yardage to cross the 50 yard line, throw to the left running back.

Zig-Zag: For quick yardage or for scoring inside the 10 yard line, throw to the left running back.

Suicide: To score extra points after touchdowns or for scoring inside the 10 yard line throw to the left running back.

View Ending

To view the ending sequence with the Chicago Killers as champions, enter the password "CGBB B8FB BB2V".