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Corpse Killer


Game Guru Level Select

To start on any stage, patch your save file with any one of these Game Guru codes.

Start at stage 2 SWXSCXF

Start at stage 3 RVXSCXF

Start at stage 4 QUXSCXF

Start at final stage PTXSCXF

View end of game - Note 1 - OSXSCXF

Note 1: To see the end-of-game video, choose Zombietown from the map.

Game Guru Codes

These codes require a Game Guru. To use, patch any Corpse Killer save file.

099 Health - IUMVCXF

255 Datura bullets - JDDICXF

255 Armor piercing bullets - IDDHCXF

255 Armor piercing datura bullets - HDDGCXF

255 Ju-ju sticks - LDDKCXF

255 Hanja roots - MDDLCXF