Game Platforms

Conker's Bad Fur Day

Nintendo 64

Cheat :

50 lives:


Easier game controls:

Enter EASY as a code.

Easier game controls and difficulty:

Enter VERYEASY as a code.

Debug mode:

Enter XFYHIJERPWAL_IELWZS as a code. Note: "_" indicates a space. This code allows the game to be played in debug mode on Nintendo 64 development systems. It has no useful function in the retail version of the game.

Play as Sergeant and Tedi Leader in multi-player mode:


Play as Cavemen in multi-player mode:

Enter EATBOX as a code.

Play as Conker in multi-player mode:

Enter WELLYTOP as a code.

Play as Gregg the Grim Reaper in multi-player mode:


Play as "NEO" Conker in multi-player mode:

Enter EASTEREGGSRUS as a code.

Play as Weasel Henchmen in multi-player mode:

Enter CHINDITVICTORY as a code.

Play as Zombies and Villagers in multi-player mode:

Enter BEEFCURTAINS as a code.

Frying pan in race mode:

Enter DUTCHOVENS as a code.

Baseball bat in race mode:

Enter DRACULASTEABAGS as a code.

All Chapters and scenes unlocked:

Enter WELDERSBENCH as a code.

Barn Boys chapter:

Enter PRINCEALBERT as a code.

Bats Tower chapter:

Enter CLAMPIRATE as a code.

The Heist chapter:

Enter CHOCOLATESTARFISH as a code for extra money and to unlock "The Heist" in chapters mode. You can also play the entire game in chapter mode, no matter how far you are.

It's War chapter:

Enter BEELZEBUBSBUM as a code.

Slopranos chapter:

Enter ANCHOVYBAY as a code.

Spooky chapter:

Enter SPANIELSEARS as a code.

Uga Buga chapter:

Enter MONKEYSCHIN as a code.

New death animation in multi-player mode:

Enter SPUNKJOCKEY as a code. Use a chain saw or katana to cut a Teddyz head off in the War level for a Matrix-type death animation.

Censored codes:

Enter an obscene word as a code.


Enter the same incorrect code twice in a row. You will be insulted by the Fire Imp, who will say "Didn't work the first time, ain't gonna work the second time, dipshit!".

Unlimited tails:

Find the hook on a sign in level 2. Intentionally die to start the hook tutorial. The hook will now have a tail for extra lives. Take the tail and return to level 1. Return and another tail will appear on the same hook. Repeat to get as many lives as needed.

Hint :

Hint: Skip introduction sequence:

Press Reset as soon as the Nintendo 64 is tunred on. Press Start when Conker cuts the Nintendo 64 logo to advance to the starting menu.

Hint: Flip to ground without getting hurt:

In the multi-player "Total War" level, take the Katana and press B. Go up to the lookout point, then jump off the edge. Your character will do flips all the way to the ground, and you will land without getting hurt.

Hint: See Banjo's head:

Turn to the options screen in "Cock and Plunker". Look above the fireplace to see Banjo's head.

Hint: See Kazooie's head:

Go to the chapter selection screen and play any level. Before the level starts, you will be able to see Kazooie's head on the umbrella-like object when the screen fades.

Hint: See Conker playing Killer Instinct:

Let Conker stand without doing anything until he pulls out a Game Boy. Press R to go into first person mode to watch him play Killer Instinct. Do not move or Conker will put it away.

Hint: Conker whistling:

When Conker is inside the barn and he does not move for awhile, sometimes when he sits down and stretches his legs it sounds as if he is whistling to the music playing in the barn.

Hint: Conker reading:

Allow the game to idle and Conker he will eventually pull out a magazine. When he does, press R and angle the view correctly to look at the magazine.

Hint: Conker being bored:

During the game, let the controller idle for a few minutes. Conker will start to do things like play with a yoyo or drink something. When you leave the controller alone when you are in Rock Solid (in the Unga Bunga Chapter), Conker will start doing the worm.

Allow the game to idle and Conker will say "What are you doing? Stop doing that or you will go blind."

Hint: Conker diving into land:

This works especially well in the beginning of the Birdy chapter because you have not learned to hover or swim yet. While floating in water, jump and rapidly press A in the air. You will dive into the water. If you position yourself near land correctly, you will dive into the land. Conker's head will get stuck in a comical fashion.

Hint: Barn Boys: Extra lives:

There is a cliff near the bouncing boxes that you can climb up. Climb up and go to the middle rock, in the back. From there jump up into the air and press B. Conker will do an anvil move, revealing a tail for ten each. Leave the level or intentionally die and another ten will appear again in the same location.

Hint: Spooky: Strange zombies:

When you are in the Spooky chapter, you can make the zombies go limbless (no legs or arms). However, they still can still attack. Aim for the top of the shoulder to knock out the arms. To knock out the legs you need to aim for the upper thighs. The first shot you take at the midsection of the zombie will put a hole straight through it.

Hint: The Beach: Stop the clock:

You can stop the clock on The Beach multi-player level. As a Frenchy, go to the detonator/plunger used to blow up the Tediz. Wait on the far side of the hill until time reaches five seconds, then jump on the plunger when time reaches two seconds. The Tediz will blow up and time will stop at 0 seconds. Feel free to wait for the detonator to reset and continue to blow up the Tediz as often as you want without time limit.

In the Beach multi-player level, when you start jump in the water your time limit for the Frenchies restarts.

Hint: Colors: Best sniping location:

Get the sniper and stand next to the machine gun on the left side. You will have a perfect aim for the sniper ports, machine gun, and the middle road in between the bases with nothing in your way.

Hint: Raptor: Avoid getting hit:

In Raptor multi-player mode, if you are the Ouggas, stand under the frying pan (not to close to the fire). The Raptors cannot hit you. If you shoot them, sometimes they will jump onto the frying pan.

Hint: Total War: Get to bridge without going through tunnel:

Go straight outside under the bridge. Go directly next to it, but underneath. Run straight to the ledge. Before you are on it, jump onto it then keep running.

Hint: Total War: Bounce off roof:

Go onto a ledge next to the gas bomb and throw a grenade. Next go to the grenade and do a super jump (hold Z and press A). If done correctly, you will hit the roof, bounce off, and lose two bits of life.

Hint: Total War: Easy kill:

When someone is in the sniper tower, throw a grenade or a grenade stick in to the tower for an easy kill.

Hint: Total War: Mostly invincible taunting:

Select "War" in multiplier an choose "Total War". Edit the settings as follows: "Score" to "40", "Lives" to "5", and "A.I.:" to "Inbred" (recommended) or "Einstein". Set the game up so that players one and two are on the same team and have the same amount of CPU players on each team. Be on either team and have player two get the enemy team's canister and plant it. While the five second countdown is in progress (you must be in either base, although this works best in the enemies' base) quickly run onto the first floor to a gas mask. After the countdown, stay in your "private little room" and it will appear as if the blue door is open, but it is closed. Your perspective shows the door open, but the other characters' perspective shows it as closed. The enemies will run up to the door and start jumping up and down and you cannot be hurt. However, the flame thrower can still hit you. It is impossible to have a weapon while you are in there, but you can have grenades or pipe bombs (depending on which side you are on.

Hint: Hidden tail:

Go to the farm area and run to where the cheeses are located. Once there, jump up onto the cliffs surrounding the cheese stable. Jump as you make your way across and you will eventually see a chance to use the action button. Use it to turn into an anvil and break the rock away. In the newly uncovered room is a hook. Once you die and see the intermission sequence about tails, you can go back here for a tail worth ten.

Hint: More multi-player characters:

In multi-player war (Total War or Colors) press Analog-stick Up or Down to get more characters when choosing the amount of allies or enemies.

Hint: Steal lives in multi-player mode:

During any multi-player game where the number of lives is set at five, you can steal lives from your teammates (if they have any left), by repeatedly pressing A upon losing your last life. The stolen life can be from a human or a sim player.


Hint: Stealth in multi-player mode:

In multi-player, choose "War" and pick up the Katana (sword). You will disappear off the radar and make no sound (footsteps or breathing) when you have it equipped.

Hint: Weapons in gas mask place in multi-player mode:

This trick requires perfect timing. When someone gets the canister, run up to the gas mask door above where you get the Uzis. When it opens, grab the mask and quickly run to the knives or katana. Stand directly in front of it as closely as possible without taking it. After the gas fills, take the knives or katana the instant the timer goes off and quickly run back in where the gas mask was located. If done correctly, you should have gotten half a second before the door closed. If you took the katana, you could stab outside of the door, However, chances are part of you would open for a shot. If you chose knives, when you throw them they will not go through. However, if a Tedi is standing in front of the door, you can hit him in the head if the knife stays in the door and does not fall out.

Hint: Machine gun chair trick in multi-player mode:

Go to a multi player game with a machine gun chair. Get the shotgun or flamethrower, and if somebody is in the chair, shoot them. If using the shotgun, shoot at mid range. With the flamethrower, they will run uncontrollably while siting down. With the shotgun, they will spin in the chair.

Hint: Get called a traitor:

In multi-player war, start shooting people on your team. They will eventually start shooting back and will call you a traitor. Try doing this as a squirrel. This is useful in colors mode to get closer to the flag.

Hint: Reborn a traitor:

Kill about five or more people, then kill them a little more. Then, hold a bomb next to your teammate. When you come back they will be aiming at you with hand cannons and sniper rifles.

Hint: Katana revenge:

Start a multi-player game, do not pick up or use anything, and go directly for the katana (sword). Then, go out to the Tediz base and only kill the opponents with the swords. All the other Tediz will get mad and also get the sword. They will all come after you with the sword. This trick does not work unless performed perfectly.

Hint: A.I. difficulty levels:

The following are the difficulty levels for the A.I. on multi-player mode:

Einstein: Very Hard

Bastard: Hard

Normal: Medium

Crap: Easy

Inbred: Very Easy

Hint: Spooky mansion sounds:

When you are in the mansion in the spooky levels, listen to the sounds in the background. You can hear children laughing and babies crying.

Glitch: Floating Conker:

Die before you hit the water on Poo Mountain.

Glitch: Double jump without hitting the ground:

Press A to jump then repeat before you hit the ground. If done correctly, you will not hit the ground.

Glitch: Floating flips with a sword in multi-player mode:

Get the sword with any character and rapidly press A.

Glitch: Float in multi-player mode:

Select multi-player mode, then go into war, then colors. You can be a Tediz or a Squirrel. Hop into the turret gun and start to fire. Jump out while you are firing. You will start float for up to three to four seconds. This can be done as many times as desired

Glitch: Jumping cheese:

Go to the Barn Boys level. Knock out a piece of cheese, pick it up, and do not move. If you do not press anything on the controller, after about 30 seconds the cheese will jump from your hands and splatter on the ground, but Conker will still have his hands up, as if he were still holding hit. His face will quickly flick from a frown to a smile. Press R to zoom in on his face to see this better.

Glitch: Fight the Great Mighty Poo without music:

When fighting the Great Mighty Poo, press L as soon as the intermission begins. If done correctly, no music will play during your battle. Note: You cannot win with no music because he will not open his mouth and say aah.

Glitch: Frozen game:

When you are playing a multi-player beach mode game, go to the sniper position and shoot a Frenchy when he is in the water swimming. Shoot him in the head and the game will lock up after he dies. You have to restart the game to continue.