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Cobra Triangle


Defeating the red dragon:

When facing the second to last Boss (red dragon), do not fire at him. Leave him alone and he will die all by himself within the time limit.

Level 1: Extra life:

In level 1, there is an extra life not far from the starting point. When you start the level, stay at the beginning and kill all the boats coming past you with the power numbers on back of them. Get as many as the numbers you can and build up you powers. Save enough time so you can get to the extra life. If you did not fill all of your Speed, Turbo, and Fire, get the extra life, die, and do this all over again. When you are done with this, you will always be able to get the extra life and be on your way all loaded. Note: The best weapon is the 3-way straight shooter.

Bonus points:

Spin when crossing the finish line to collect 1000 bonus points.