Game Platforms

Chakan : The Forever Man



To get an extra man, make sure Chakan is moving. Then pause the game and hold A, B and C buttons before pushing Start.

Change into a Surfer

To change Chakan into a surfer dude, press A, C, UP, DOWN, A, B, A, and C at the demo screen when Chakan is in the lightening storm.

Clear Level

To clear the level, pause the game and press A + B + C.

Earthquake Attack

If you stab the ground with the Earth Elemental Sword, you will cause a small earthquake, damaging all enemies on the ground. You will lose the elemental power, but this move is great for emergencies.

Easy Way To Get To The End

First,select PRACTICE option, and start. Go to the platform above the air portal and use potion to open the doorway. You will be in the elemental stages with unlimited potions. Keep yourself invulnerable and you can zip right to the end.

Elemental Plane

To get to the elemental plane, you need the potions for teleport alchemy. Take these potions to the little ledge above the air portal. Use the potions here and you'll be teleported to the elemental plane!


To make Chakan invisible make him stop moving, then pause the game and hold A, B, and C buttons before pushing Start again.

Level Select

Enable God Powers. Whenever you want to switch levels, press B. A menu should appear in the lower left-hand corner. Press B to scroll through the levels, and press Start to warp to your selection.

Potion Recipies

One of the keys to winning is knowing these recipies.

Recipe Result

Two Clear Swap Hourglass or First Aid

One Clear + One Green Invincibility

One Clear + One Red Doorway Or Ice Sword

One Clear + One Blue Jumping Boots

Two Blue Invisibility

One Blue + One Red Earth Sword

One Blue + One Green Enemies Slowed

Two Green Air Sword

One Green + One Red Smart Firebomb

Two Red Fire Sword

Unlimited Power

Give yourself all the potions and weapons you want with this code! Immediately after turning on the game, hold C + Start buttons on both controllers; you should hear a sound. To get all the weapons, enter the Alchemy screen and press Up, Down, Left, Right on Controller Two. To get all the potions, enter the Alchemy screen and press Start, A, B, C on Controller Two.