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Beat Mania GB

Game Boy Color

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Enter UUDDLRLRBA as a password.

Bonus songs

Enter one of the following passwords to unlock the corresponding songs.

Password Songs

REMIX Bigbeat Mix


VISUAL Bigbeat Mix, Euro beat


SENSE Disco, Bigbeat Mix

WORLD Disco, Euro Beat

ALLERGO Disco, Bigbeat Mix, Euro beat

MOTHER Disco, E.N.K.

PASSION Disco, E.N.K., Bigbeat mix

NOISY Disco, E.N.K., Euro beat

ALTERNA Disco, E.N.K., Bigbeat Mix, Euro beat

RELAXATION Disco, E.N.K., Classic 3

SILENT Disco, E.N.K., Classic 3, Bigbeat Mix

MOONLIGHT Disco, E.N.K., Classic 3, Euro beat

KOBEBEEF Disco, E.N.K., Classic 3, Bigbeat Mix, Euro beat