Game Platforms

Backyard Hockey 2005

PC Windows

Mini players

Enter "SMALLERER" as a code at the cheat screen. Alternately, get a one-timer.

Cheat mode:

Enter one of the codes at the cheat screen:

Result - Code:

Peewe Kovich- MIRK


Davie Hitney - CRASH

Maggie May - SOMETHING

K.C. Burparino - BURP

Darrick Mac - DMAC

Jonathan Michael-Little - SQUASH

Morris Morrissey - BROTHER

Scott Eggashira - EGGS

Geoff Odenkirk - CAPTAIN

Tech State T-Squares team - CHEQUE ME

Tibeti Yetis team - BRING IT ON

Continuos power-ups - CANT GET ENOUGH

Hot shooting - BIG SHOTS

Speedy kids - SWIFTY SKATES

Air hockey puck - AIR PUCK

Mini players - SMALLERER

Renudo Renaldo - NAISE

Kentucky DeRoche - PITBULL

Paul Lee - STAN

Drew Barrie - STINK

Play as Steve Yzerman

Enter "Stevie Y" as a custom player name.