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Backyard Football 2002

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Practice Dummies team:

Enter MRCLANKY as a coach name.

Easy touchdown:

Select Rich Gannon as your QB, Pete Wheeler as your RB, and any wide receivers of your choice. On offense, select #1 and choose "Outside Handoff". Give the ball to Pete Wheeler and have him run it up the sidelines. About 95% of the time, he will break away for a TD if you use it all four downs.

Set up the following team:

Brett Favre

Junior Seau

Ricky Williams

Pablo Sanchez

Vicki Kawaguchi

Dmitri Petrovich

Kiesha Phillips

Set up the following team:


Drew Bledsoe: QB

Pablo Sanchez: RB

Ernie Steele: WR

Jevon Kearse: WR

Junior Seau: C


Pablo Sanchez: S

Tony Delvecchio: LB

Jevon Kearse: CB

Keshia Phillips: CB

Junior Seau: DL


Pablo Sanchez: BH

Tony Delvecchio: Line

Jevon Kearse: Line

Keshia Phillips: K

Junior Seau: Center


Pablo Sanchez: Returner:

The rest do not matter, except keep Tony Delvecchio and Junior Seau. Note that the kicking line up and defense are the same

Recommended team:

Choose the following players:

Drew Bledsoe: QB

Pablo Sanchez: RB

Junior Seau: Blocker

Vikki K.: WR