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Aliens vs. Predator


Cheat :

Cheat mode:

Note: The following codes are only available after installing the patch that gives the game a saved game feature. Start the game with the -debug command line parameter. Press ~ during game play to display the console. Then, enter one of the following case-sensitive codes while playing as the indicated character to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect: Character: Code

Create CPU controlled Alien: Any: ALIENBOT

All weapons and ammo: Any: GIVEALLWEAPONS

God mode: Any: GOD

Create light aura; repeat for brighter aura: Any: LIGHT

Create an CPU controlled Marine: Any: MARINEBOT

Player invisible to all opponents: Any: OBSERVER

Create CPU controlled Predator1: Any: PREDOBOT

Create CPU controlled Predator-Alien1: Any: PREDALIENBOT

Create CPU controlled Praetorian Alien1: Any: PRAETORIANBOT

Create CPU controlled Xenoborg1: Any: XENOBORG

Display level coordinates: Any: SHOWCOORDS

Display frame rate: Any: SHOWFPS

Display number of rendered polygons: Any: SHOWPOLYCOUNT

Replenish energy supply: Predator: GIMME_CHARGE


God mode: Predator: SKULLCOLLECTOR


Kill all Marines: Any: NUKEMARINES

Kill all Aliens: Any: NUKEALIENS

Kill all Predators: Any: NUKEPREDS

List in-game help: Any: LISTVAR

List cheat commands: Any: LISTCMD

Change motion tracker volume: Marine: MOTIONTRACKERVOLUME <0.00-1.00>

Change motion tracker speed: Marine: MOTIONTRACKERSPEED <0-16>

Toggle crouch and crawl: Alien: CROUCHMODE <0 or 1>

Change game speed: Any: TIMESCALE <0.0-1.0>

Toggle wire frame mode: Any: WIREFRAMEMODE <0 or 1>

Toggle doppler shift on: Alien: sounds Any DOPPLERSHIFT <0 or 1>

Adjust amount of red in sky: Any: SKY_RED

Adjust amount of green in sky: Any: SKY_GREEN

Adjust amount of blue in sky: Any: SKY_BLUE

Adjust amount of tilt when sidestepping: Any: LEANSCALE

Verbose reports of text expansions: Any: EXPV

List all text expansions: Any: LISTEXP

List all key bindings: Any: LISTBIND

Clear all key bindings: Any: UNBIND-ALL

Broadcast message: Any: SAY

Broadcast message to your species: Any: SAY_SPECIES

Stop playing CD track: Any: CDSTOP

Select CD track to play: Any: CDPLAY

Select CD track to be looped: Any: CDPLAYLOOP

Set sound level: Any: CDVOLUME <0-127>

Get name of player nearest center of screen: Any: ID_PLAYER

Show frag table: Any: SHOW_SCORE

Screenshot: Any: SCREENSHOT

Toggle network opponent movement: Any: EXTRAPOLATE_MOVEMENT

Increases detail level: Any: DETAIL_LEVEL_MAX

Decreases detail level: Any: DETAIL_LEVEL_MIN

1. Creating CPU controlled characters may crash the game if that character does not normally exist in the current level. Use the "Load species" code to force the game to have the desired character type.

Cycle cheat commands:

Open the console window and press [Tab] to cycle through all available commands.

Hint :

Hint: Game in the game:

Go to the Office level in multi-player mode. Unless you blew them away while fragging someone, there should be two copies of Alien Vs.Predator on the second floor. One is on a shelf above a PC and the other is on a table.