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Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage

Nintendo 64

Hint :

Hint: Easy experience:

Behind the Wizard's School in Talewok are some Wolves. Go and kill them. There are usually two Spirit Wolves who can cast spells and at least six to eight Dire Wolves. After defeating them, you will get 10,000 to 15,000 experience points. Go inside the Wizard's School, then walk out. Go to the back of the school and you will be able to fight the wolves again.

When going to the Jundar desert, you will meet the Jundar spirit. It will ask you a riddle. Answer the riddle incorrectly. You will then have to fight an Earth Elemental, an Air Elemental, a Fire Elemental and a Water Elemental. Use the spell Banishing Of Control Elemental to defeat them and gain at least 14,0000 to 15,000 experience points each time.

Hint: Battle Axe and Armor:

When you talk to Brenna outside the castle and have an extra space in your party, tell her it is too dangerous. She will give you a free Battle Axe and Idem Scale.

Hint: Brilliance and Charming spell:

There are some caves on the Namers Island. Inside are some Curing Potions, two Portals, and the Brilliance and Charming spells.

Hint: Chaos Sword:

After going over the bridge out of town, turn left onto the beach and turn right at the shrubbery to find a path leading upwards. You will find a campsite, and a short intermission for your journal. Inside a trapped chest is the Chaos Sword. This is a powerful sword that poisons, but requires a 25 Strength to wield.

Hint: Dispel Necromancy Spell:

When in the Gwenerian Castle, go into one of the towers that has "L" shaped corridors. Explore the rooms on the base and the middle floors. One of the rooms will have a Dispel Necro Scroll.

In the Castle at Gwernia, go to the room where you have a chance to recruit Rheda as part of your team. Go to the wall opposite the door to the throne room. Turn left to find a door. Go inside and next to the closet, you will find a Dispel Necromancy scroll.

Hint: Great Sword:

When heading to Port Saiid you will cross a natural land bridge. The bridge has the beach on one side and a lake on the other. At the other side of the land bridge there is a chest. After opening the chest, go north. You will find another chest, which contains the Great Sword.

Hint: Inferno Flask:

In the town outside Gwernia castle, there is a house with a lean-to built on. Inside is a bag with an Inferno Flask, a powerful item for Godric, or anyone with Alchemy.

Hint: Lighthouse Scroll and Shasmuk Amulet:

Go to Port Saiid. Go to the first house on the right side of the path that leads into town. Go to the right side of the house and you will see a path. Follow the path to the seashore. Go left at the waters edge and follow until you find a cave. Inside the cave is the Lighthouse Scroll and the Shasmuk Amulet.

Hint: Lightning Rod:

When you get to Port Saiid, go through the doors and follow the path through the port. After it declines, there is a row of houses along the side. The very last house to the left contains a man talking about his dead wife. Walk over to her bones on the bed and press A to pick up the Lightning Rod.

Hint: Namers Ring:

Go to the Abandoned Village (Alaron's home town) and search all of the buildings. You will find a two story building. On the second story is a chest that contains the ring. The ring has a spell battery of 10.

Hint: Rope:

In the Abandoned Village (Alaron's home town), go to the two story building and take a left. You will climb up a hill. On the hill you will find a chest containing the Rope. The Rope adds 2 to the Thief skill.

Hint: Sabre and Iden Scale in home town:

When leaving the castle, just as you get off of the bridge (do not leave the village) go directly left (not up the stone ramp). There should be an all tan building located here. Go inside, and go down the ramp into the basement. Enter the door at the bottom. Kill the bat that attacks as soon as enter. There is a table in the room. To the right of it is a crack in the wall. Press A near it and you will enter into another room. Kill the goblin in the room to receive a Sabre and the Iden Scale.

Hint: Strength Spell:

Return to Oriana's after starting for the Mirari city. She will relate a tale and give you the spell of Strength for free (if you did not already get it from her).

Hint: Sun Shield:

When you get to the lighthouse in Port Saiid, use the box-type ladder to go downstairs. From here, there will be a hole in the ground. Press A to jump in it and wander around. Press A at the treasure lying on the ground to eventually get the Sun Shield.

Hint: Teleportation Spell:

Just before you get to the entrance of Port Saiid (large brown doors), turn left. If you went in the correct direction, you will have to fight some Bandits. There will be a path; follow it until you reach a small hill to walk down. Go left and into the water. Keep walking until you see a chest. Open it to get the Teleportation Spell.

Hint: Tower Shield in home town:

Go to the entrance of the castle, then follow the carpet to the door with moon. Go down the stairs to the door with the shield. However, instead of going inside, check the door by the stairs you just took down. It should lead to a room with six treasure chests. They all have random treasure, except one, which has a Tower Shield. Unfortunately, you will need a level 4 or 5 Thief to open that chest.

Hint: Trahern's Sword:

Talk to Trahern and he will ask you to look for an " Old Sword" of his. From there, go to the library. Instead of taking the spiral passage downward to enter the laboratory, take the passage upward. Then, circle the tower to find a door that leads to Bowden. Talk to Bowden and ask about his "Experiments" to inquire about the missing sword. He will give you a key. Take the key to the locked door in the laboratory. The key will open the door and lead you to a treasure chest containing the missing sword.

Hint: Troubadour's Gloves:

Go to the Erromon Inn, go straight to the purple statue and press A.

Hint: Wall "O" Bones Scroll:

Go towards the Darkling Bog and look on top of every hill on the left side of the trail. You will eventually find a hill with some of Trolls. Kill them and go to the top of the hill to find a chest containing the scroll.

Hint: Wall "O" Bones Wand:

Once you reach the Chaos Island, stay on the beach and follow the shoreline. You will see a large hill. Climb over the hill and go past it to find a treasure chest (there is also a large warp gate nearby). Inside the treasure chest is a Wall of Bones wand. You can use this wand to kill the Marquis.

Hint: Warfang sword:

You will receive the Warfang after defeating Kitrak.

Hint: Money:

When in Port Saiid, enter the house of the man that sells spells and herbs. Once there, buy as many herbs as possible, then sell them back. The man sells herbs for 4 gold, but he buys them for 5 gold.

Before you reach the bridge outside Port Saiid. Turn right and look in the bushes for a chest that contains 5,000 gold.

In Erromon, go across the bridge with the big pink obelisk crystal behind your back. Slightly to your left is a purple shop. Inside is a man and woman Marari. Behind the man Marari is a room with yellow curtains for a door. Enter it to find 444 gold. After getting the gold, exit that small room and go down that ramp stairs behind the Marari in the back of the house. After exiting through the door, you should be in the Marari tunnels. Go left to get in the part of the tunnels with two Marari next to each other. At that location, turn around and go back to the door where you came from. Since you are back in the house, the 444 gold should now reappear. Repeat this process as many times as needed.

In Erromon, go inside the Inn and up the stairs to your right. Keep going straight down the two halls until you get to the last room on the end. Go in the curtained room, and in the back you will find 555 gold. Follow the same route for the reappearing 444 gold in the Mirari merchant shop.

Hint: Finding Kitrak The Goblin Leader:

Start at Erromon and go north on the west side of the river that cuts Erromon in half. At the end of the river, go north until you find a lone Ogre. Talk to him and kill him. From there, go east and follow the wall until you reach a break in the rocks. Take this path and you will fight some wolves and goblins. You will soon reach a short wooden tree object that will take you across a small canyon. From there, go right and continue. You will eventually find a Goblin that you can talk to . You can fight him if you wish. It is recommended that you fight every Goblin, Wolf, and Minotaur you encouter, since Kitrak is difficult to defeat and has seven Hobgoblins to protect him. From there you should find a ramp. Take the ramp and the next Goblin tent you find will be Kitrak's.

Hint: Finding Shamshuk's Tower and Elisheva's Tomb:

When you enter Darkling Bog, head straight east across it. You will find Elisheva's Tomb. The entrance is on the south side of the building. Heading north from Elisheva's tomb will take you straight to the Lizardmen's King. He will fight you, but he is easy to kill. After clearing through the tomb, walk out of the tomb and head into the water. Go right and follow the trail. When you reach a two-way split, look around. If you see a large, very straight-up and ill-placed looking mountain to your left, you are in the right place. Go over to it. You can walk into that mountain on the south side. Shamshuk's Tower will be on the left, and be lightly guarded. It looks very small and tilted. Note: Going onto the roof will trap you up there; however, it may be your only way into the Tower.

Hint: Unlock Shamshuk's door:

In order to unlock Shamshuk's door you have to find all of the secret doors in the large room shaped like a hook (almost a circle). To find them, look at the floor. Wherever there is a roman numeral, there is a door. There should be four in each circle for a total of eight.

Hint: Passing the Jundar Spirit:

The Jundar Spirit will not let you pass into the desert at the gate. When you approach it, press A and the spirit will talk to you . It will ask you a riddle, and if you get it wrong it says that you will die (you fight an Earth Elemental, an Air Elemental, a Fire Elemental and a Water Elemental. Use the Spell Banishing on them and you can do damage up to 244. To get the correct answer to the riddle, always pick the longest answer until it says "Myself". Select "Myself" and you will solve the riddle and it will let you pass.

Hint: Defeating Chaos Minions:

This trick only works if you have the "Wall 'O' Bones" wand or the "Wall 'O' Bones" scroll. After defeating Marquis, travel to Namers isle. When fighting the Chaos Minions, make sure you have the "Wall 'O' Bones" spell. While fighting, use "Wall 'O' Bones" on the Chaos in this order. First use it on Chaos Stormer, then on Chaos Spell Weaver, and finally on Chaos Warrior. Do not try it on Chaos Mauler, since it can easily deflect the spell. If done correctly, all Chaos will be trapped, except the Chaos Mauler who will usually flee from combat.

Hint: Defeating Marquis:

There is only one way to defeat the Demon Marquis. You must use the Wall "O" Bones spell to incapacitate him. Once you have defeated him, he will drop the Marquis Amulet which has no effect until you find him later in the game. Note: Do not fight Marquis without the Wall "O" Bones spell. He can still do over 100 damage in one turn even if both the Air Shield and Spirit Shield have been cast.

Hint: Defeating Mistress Chaos:

Cast Mirror as many times as you can on your party and go into the battle with plenty of curing potions, defense potions, dexterity potions, and strength potions. If you know the Dexterity or Strength spells, use them as soon as possible. Harm her physically, with your weapons, from all sides. She will try to cast fireball all the time, using up her turn. It takes about 10 to 25 minutes to defeat her.

Hint: Defeating Prince Shairden:

Do not try to use spells on him -- he will resist them all regardless of how strong you are. Instead, use Air Shield, Spirit Shield, and any other available shield. Also use any Defense, Strength, and Dexterity Potions you have. Use Dexterity first, as this will increase the amount of turns you take in a round, then use Shields, then Strength. After all of that, surround him from all sides and attack him "physically". This will take some time. Immediately after he is defeated, you have to fight Mistress Chaos.

Hint: Defeating Shamshuk:

The Banishing Scroll, Haste Scroll, Spirit Shield Scroll, Shield Amulet, and Herbs can be obtained after Shamshuk is defeated. The Wall Of Bones spell works against Shamsuk, but first use Dispel Necro and vs. Necromacy on your characters.

Hint Weapon list:

Name Min Str Base hit Damage Type Spell Misc

Battle Axe 14 65 3 Hafted

Broadsword 15 40 3 Sword

Chaos Sword 25 20 5 Sword Poison

Club 10 55 2 Hafted

Dagger 7 35 1 Sword

Giant Axe 28 30 6 Hafted

Gladius 8 40 1 Sword

Great Axe 19 65 4 Hafted

Great Bow 18 30 5 Missile

Great Sword 22 40 4 Sword

Hatchet 12 30 3 Thrown

Hunter's Bow 16 35 3 Missile

Ironwood Staff 10 50 3 Pole

Javelin 14 35 4 Thrown

Long Bow 16 30 4 Missile

Long Sword 17 45 3 Sword

Mace 16 55 3 Hafted

Mace of Glory 20 75 5 Hafted Lightning, Light A:S

Poison Dart 8 20 1 Thrown Poison

Pole Axe 18 45 6 Hafted

Sabre 10 45 2 Sword

Short Bow 14 35 2 Missile

Short Sword 10 40 2 Sword

Spear 15 50 3 Pole

Staff 8 45 2 Pole

Tanta 7 70 1 Sword

Throwing Iron 7 30 4 Thrown

Throwing Knife 7 35 2 Thrown

Trahern's Sword 15 55 3 Sword

Warfang 20 55 4 Sword Tap, Stamina, Darkness SpellB:+15, Warrior:+2, A:S


Hint: Defenses:

Name Protect Def Dex Stealth Misc

Buckler Shield 1 2 0 0 0

Large Shield 3 4 -3 0 0

Small Shield 2 3 -2 0 0

Cloth Armor 1 0 0 +5 0

Leather Armor 2 0 -1 0 0

Scale Armor 4 0 -3 -5 0

Iden Scale Armor 5 0 -2 -10 0

Kite Shield 4 5 -4 0 0

Kendall's Hat +1 0 0 -1 0

Leather Boots +1 0 0 0 0

Mercenary Belt +1 0 0 0 0

Leather Cloak +1 0 0 0 0

Chain Mail Armor 5 0 -2 -5 0

Phantom Cloak 0 0 0 +3 0

Boots of Adamant +2 0 0 0 0

Woodman's boots 0 0 0 0 Ranger: +2

Mirari Cloak +2 0 0 0 0

Dragon Leather Armor 6 0 0 +10 0

Chaos Robes 10 0 -1 0 Endurance:-2; Resists: magic:25

Chaos Shield 8 8 0 0 0

Scorpion Shield 5 5 -2 0 0

Turtleshell Shield 3 5 -4 0 0

Jundar Leather 7 0 0 +15 0

Darken Bat Hide 3 0 0 +20 0

Helm of Defense +5 0 0 0 Resists: Physical:25

Sun Shield 4 6 -3 -10 Resists: Solar:50

Ring of Healing 0 0 0 0 Endurance:+5; Magic: Photosynthesis

Jundar Gauntlets 0 0 0 0 Damage:+1

Boots of Speed +1 0 +3 0 Magic: Haste

Beast Hide 2 0 -2 0 0

Enchanted Hide 4 0 -1 +5 0

Full Plate Mail 7 0 -3 -20 0

Scorpion Scale 7 0 -1 0 0

Walkthrough :

Shortcut To Erromon:

Go to the abandoned Chaos camp site and get the Chaos Sword. From there go north and follow the trail until you reach a path. Follow the path to Erromon.