Game Platforms

Afterburner 2


Level Select

Wait until the title screen with the words "start/options" appears on screen. Then simultaneously press and hold buttons A, B, and C on your control pad and then press start two times. When the words "Select Stage" appear on screen, use left and right on your control pad to choose any stage up to 20.

Reverse Controls

To reverse your plane's controls, hold A + B on Controller Two while pressing Start on Controller One.

Extra Missiles

Before you reach the refueling plane, enter one of the following codes depending upon your level.

Round Code

3 Left+B

5 Right+B

9 B

11 Right+B

13 Left+B

16 Right+B

19 B

21 Right+B


To continue a game after losing your last plane, press LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, B, B, B, C, C, C, START at the title screen.