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Addams Family Special Collector's Edition


Multiball With Mansion Awards

This tip will cost you a credit, but it is a lot of fun and can yield big big points! When you are locking balls for multiball, hit the last one into the chair to start multiball. As soon as it kicks the first one out of the swamp you will here it kick the second one over in the swamp so that it can kick it out. When you hear that kickover, press the start button. A new game will start and you will immediately be given a Mansion award (Mamushka or Cousin It). You will now be playing a 3-ball multiball and will be able to re-light the chair with ramp shots and score more Mansion awards. If you press the start button too early, you will not be given a Mansion award immediately and will only have a 2-ball multiball. If you press too late you will not be given a Mansion award but will still have the 3-ball multiball. Either way you can still collect Mansion awards by hitting the ball in the chair. Special notes: Make sure you are not on the first ball when you start multiball or pressing start will just add another player. Also, this trick only works on the early software revisions of the game. This is easy to determine because the newer revisions use a bolder, more "squared" font for the scores.