Game Platforms



Level 00 contains a bazooka, and a level warp. First, the bazooka. At one point in the level, there is a

pit, which you have to jump down. You can jump across it,

and onto a small ledge, but that seems pointless, until

you shoot the wall right next to it a few times.

teleport, and you'll find a small area with a couple

missiles, and several grenades. Second, after the save game console, the ceiling looks a

bit weak. Shoot the weak part, and then the section right

next to it. It takes a couple shots, but the up arrow has

to be completely visible for this to work. Jump up into the up arrow, and hold down left. Go into

the tunnel, and you'll see 3 level end teleporters. The

first is Level 01, second is Level 02, and third is Level